11 September 2009 (Friday) - Making Plans

In the spirit of weight loss and generally getting the knee sorted, I cycled to work this morning. That made my knee ache. As I cycled up the hospital drive there was a woman running down it, shouting “piffle, piffle, piffle” rather loudly. Bless (!)

And then I updated my “dates for the diary” section of the blog. I’ve pencilled in a cycle ride for a week on Saturday – I’m thinking the Flying Horse at Wye. With the kite season over, we’ll soon be into bonfire parades. It does wind me up somewhat that bonfire parades don’t seem to get advertised as early as they might be. I’ve emailed people about Xmas arrangements – and am waiting to hear back before I make any definite plans there. And I’ve provisionally pencilled in a few beer festivals too. The diet will long be over by then.

If any of my loyal readers know the date of next year’s Dieppe kite festival, please let me know. I went last year, and it was really good. I quite fancy going again.

Kites, beer, bonfires. All organised by others. What do I want to do for myself? In the first instance I wouldn’t mind some more bow snarrows. After all, that bow wasn’t cheap and I’ve used it twice. And a few more cycle rides before it gets too cold. And once it is too cold, I wouldn’t mind going to the pub - I’ve pencilled in a session round about my birthday. And camping. Kite festival dates are fixed, but there was talk of doing two bat-camps this year. Now we’ve got a functioning clammy-khasi, maybe we could have a go at Dering Farm in May?

And then I wasted an hour or so watching Doctor Who clips on You-tube…

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