16 September 2009 (Wednesday) - More Salad (!!)

A late start, so I checked out the route for Saturday’s planned cycle ride. ‘er indoors TM did say that I was to devise a route with not much “up” in it. Well, we have had routes with more “up” – it’s not a bad one really. I’m quite looking forward to cycling out to Westwell. What with the doctor’s appointment about my gammy knee next Tuesday, I might be advised agaist cycling, and this might be my last cycle ride. Mind you, I’ve been advised against drinking to excess, and that didn’t stop me. We shall see what happens.

Then I got some “lunch” from Tesco’s. I also got some green tea. I am told that the secret of weight loss is green tea. All the top models swear by it, and they ain’t porkers. And I can remember Samantha Fox hawking green tea many years ago. Now she was epically chested, flopped them out, got had up by Esther Rantzen and then got on the other bus, so that sold me on the idea of green tea.

Diets are fine in theory. In practice, this diet’s getting beyond a joke. Today’s “lunch” scaled heights of lameness to which I have hitherto only dreamed. And the green tea. Have you ever tried it? It is truly the most awful beverage I have ever tasted. Now I think about it, didn’t Samantha Fox get had up by Esther Rantzen because green tea didn’t actually work as a weight loss product?

Meanwhile another competitor in the podge-a-thon has announced that his diet strategy is to have an apple with his dinner. I’ve made myself a “salad” for tomorrow – I’ve chopped up an apple, a leek and a courgette and mixed in yogurt and curry powder. It doesn’t sound that appetizing, but it can’t be any worse that the rubbish I had today.

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