21 September 2009 (Monday) - Rats!

Yesterday I had a whinge about how I thought it unfair that the average kite festival doesn’t seem to be intended for the normal people. It’s been (politely) pointed out to me that this viewpoint is somewhat at odds with my posting of a week or so ago (12 September) when I went on at great length about how I don’t actually like having the normal people at kite festivals. I’ve been (very politely) accused of being inconsistent. So, to clarify - … Yes. I am inconsistent. Guilty as charged. I do think that the average kite festival caters to the dedicated kite flier, and not to the general public or even to the enthusiastic kiting novice. And in all honesty that’s an attitude I like. Being utterly selfish, I don’t like having the normal people at kite festivals. So what was my problem yesterday?

I can’t help but think that it’s fine for a kite festival to do its own thing away from the normal people. And that’s where I’d prefer it to be. But if it’s to be smack-bang in the town centre, then it cannot help but be a public event. Take for example the seaside kite festivals in Dieppe and Berck where the whole town joins in what’s going on. In retrospect I suppose I would have preferred Margate kite festival to have been held out in the sticks somewhere….

Bearing in mind our supposed rat problem, I phoned the rat people at the council today. I spoke with a woman who gave the impression that she really couldn’t care less. But someone will phone me tomorrow morning, or so she grunted. In the meantime, “Dave The Owl” is on guard, and I’ve got some plug-in ultra-sonic gadgets. The package insert claims they work on a frequency of thirty thousand mega whatsits which is high enough to upset rodents, but too high to upset humans, dogs and cats. Which is probably for the best. I’ve popped one in the shed, and one in the electrical cabinet by the pond, as (on reflection) it’s far enough from the house to be the ideal place for rodents to shelter. I was rather concerned that ultra-sonic sound might upset the fish, but they seem to be scoffing happily enough. I really want a battery operated ultra-sonic whatsit so’s I can shove it into the roof space. I’ll try Kent Wool Growers in the morning…

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