22 September 2009 (Tuesday) - Monoarthritis

A minor disaster last night – I forgot all about the astro club committee. Woops! It would seem from the notes that arrived by email this morning that I didn’t let people down too badly. I just wish I’d remembered.

To the doctor for the results of my X-ray. I have monoarthritis of the right knee. Which is pretty much what I suspected. To the uninitiated, monoarthritis is basically arthritis confined to a single joint (the right knee in my case). Arthritis is technical term for the joint(s) getting swollen, stiff and creaky. So, effectively medicine has given a posh name to that which I knew I had already. The cure – basically there ain’t one. “Suck it up and get on with it” is the gist of the medical advice I’ve had. But for all that the knee creaks and aches a bit, I cycle for fifteen miles most weekends, so I can hardly claim to be that decrepit.

The doc has suggested a low dose of anti-inflammatory drugs. I’ll give it a go, but I’d rather carry on creaking than be on permanent medication. He’s also told me to keep up with the bike riding, but didn’t seem that fussed about my weight. Oh,well. I’ll keep dieting for a bit longer. As I came out of the surgery, some harridan was screaming at the receptionist. She was pointing at the weedy oik she’d got by the neck, and was broadcasting to all and sundry that said scrawny oik only had one kidney and he’d had a heart attack. I was tempted to stay to see the outcome.

Rat-Man” phoned, and denied ever having cast aspersions on our shed. He also said our pond was fine. He’s sending someone out with a trap next Friday. But on the subject of rats, I thought I’d try Kent Wool Growers for a battery operated rat deterrent. I walked in to find the staff bimbos squawking over a baby. After ten minutes they were still squawking over the baby. After fifteen minutes I walked out. As I opened the door to leave, one of them asked if they could help me. I told them they could have done, and just left. I shan’t be going back there. I must admit to a wry smile – today’s radio was full of “credit crunch” stories, and here’s a shop that openly alienates their customers….

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