1 September 2009 (Tuesday) - Wasting Money

September already… I’ve been blogging here for three months already. Averaging just under a thousand hits per month with regular followers in America (North & South), Canada and all over Europe, I’m amazed how popular my musings seem to be.

My side hurts – it got bashed yesterday whilst clearing away at BatCamp. At first I thought I’d popped a rib, but it’s just bruised. I’ll live. For a while longer….

Work was dull today, but I got to pop in to see one of my most loyal readers who is currently resident at my place of work. In the past I have been criticised for not using my blog to give health updates on people’s assorted maladies and infirmities. It’s easily overlooked that in my line of work I have access to very confidential information, and so I always find it easier to keep my trap shut. But bearing in mind that one of the blogs linking off of here gives more details that I will, I don’t think I’m breaking too many confidences this time.

Next week will see me having worked at the same place for twenty five years. Twenty five years. I would have got less if I’d torched the place. But it seems that the “long service policy” means I get a bung. I get three hundred quid.

Let me qualify that. I get three hundred quid to spend in Argos. That’s not vouchers (which I would flog on eBay for cash). I tell the finance department what I want from Argos up to a maximum of three hundred quid and they get it for me. However, if what I want is more than three hundred quid, then tough! I can’t make up the difference myself. So, I am now scouring argos dot com to find something on which to squander this money. My first thoughts were a new telly. Three hundred ain’t enough. Then I thought about a Wii. But I want something for me – not something I’ll never be allowed on because everyone else is using it. Maybe a scrat nav?

I have absolutely no idea what I want from Argos. I would like to be able to add money to the three hundred to get something I want. There are lots of things in their catalogue that I wouldn’t mind having which cost more than three hundred quid. But three hundred or under…. I think I’m going to end up wasting this money on rubbish.

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