24 September 2009 (Thursday) - Painted the Wall

Two weeks of dieting and my weight is now slightly over sixteen stone. That’s about a stone lost in a fortnight. I’m quite impressed with my never-fail diet. If anyone’s wondering what the secret is, it’s quite easy. No meat, no bread, no potatoes, no sweeties and increase the amount of exercise you do. Exercise is the problem – for me it helps being able to cycle (or walk) to work. Having boasted of my epic weight loss, I’m not sure my knee is any better for it. And after all is said and done, the idea of the diet is to make the knee better.

To work where I got a text: Daddies Little Angel TM ” sneezed whilst brushing her teeth and managed to clout her head on a tap. And has spent the day with headaches and feeling sick.

An early start at work meant for an early finish, and so home and on with the front wall. It’s got its first coat of paint on. I took the top off of the brick post between us and next door and stripped the paint off of it. The next phase of the project will be to paint that, and to give the wall a second coat. Then it gets serious. I shall have to rub down the front of the house, remove any flaky paint and see about painting that. A job for Sunday, perhaps…

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