26 September 2009 (Sunday) - Parties

A couple of spare hours this morning, so I got a second coat of paint on the fence post, and then broke down the rotten fence panels. By the time I’d done that, loaded the rubbish into the car (for a tip run) and swept round, the morning was gone.

Off to Hastings for ‘er indoors TM ‘s family reunion. I’ve been going to these reunions (off and on) for over twenty five years, and you would think that after all this time I would have finally pegged down who everyone is, and what their relationships are. I always tell nephews and nieces that you know you have arrived when you can pick two people at random and know what their familial relationship is to each other. And just as I think I have it sussed, a new branch of the family appears.

Over thirty of us sat down for dinner at the Victoria hotel in St Leonards. It’s a standard venue for the family, but I don’t like the place. It is seriously overpriced – you pay for the obviously fake Italian accents and the surroundings. The food isn’t all that – I eat better most Saturdays at various pubs for half the price. Today’s beef was raw. And the price of the drinks is really over the top - £4.10 for a Malibu and coke is just silly. I suppose if I don’t like it I can organise somewhere better myself. I might just do that (again).

But a good time was had by all – I got to meet some of my loyal readership from another continent, and I taught nephews and nieces how to make chickens from napkins. Most people had nice pretty animals on their name cards – mine featured a “pathetic shark” from Viz magazine.

The original plan had us popping into the FILO for a swift half as we were in the area, but the afternoon ran away so fast that before we knew where we were, it was time to come home. And so round to Andy’s for a 40th party. Now the original invite said to wear posh frocks, so I did. I thought I looked incredibly sexy. But the problem with dresses is they don’t have pockets, and so I had nowhere to put my camera. Photos were taken and will appear on-line at some point, I expect. In the meantime my loyal readership will have to use their imaginations. Good luck (!)

A wonderful evening was had by all – food, drink, chatting with friends. A particularly special occasion as I had a cigar. Perhaps only the second or third of the year. I eventually fell into bed sometime around 2am….

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