1 October 2009 (Thursday) - Back to the Chokey

Off to the train station for a short ride to the chokey. Talking too much meant we nearly missed the train, but only “nearly”. We went via Wetherspoons for some scoff. There are those that run down Wetherspoons, but I like the place. A bowl of soup, a Mexican wrap and a pint of “Nog”, and then up to the slammer. Again talking too much meant we were cutting it rather fine. Or that is compared to some visits we might have been. On some visits the formal ID checks start at 1.30pm. Today it was nearer 1.50pm. Today was my seventh visit, and I don’t think I’ve had the same ID checking & searching process twice. Which is probably a deliberate policy.

It all happened at HMP Slade today. One of the fitter warders was searching people with a rubber glove (which was a result), and one of the pikier visitors stood up and announced to the world that it was going to puke before running from the room. Whereas on Monday there were no refreshments, today we were allowed to go to the staff canteen to stock up. Those guards would seem to know how to trough down!! Home made cakes… my diet’s gone west. “Norman Stanley” seemed well – he’s been playing basketball. His team lost 42-2.

And then home again, and goodbye to Sue for another year. Or maybe not. We’ve chatted about the Milwaukee kite festival. A trip to the Great Lakes might just be on the cards – provisionally in September 2010 or 2011….

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