3 September 2009 (Thursday) - Stuff

One of my pet hates is needing a wazz in the night. I really should just get up and go to the cludgee. But I don’t. I lay there in pain for an hour or so before finally getting up. Why do I do this? Rather than laying there trying to sleep, I could be to the loo & back and asleep in less than a minute. Is it just me who does this? And just as I was nodding off, My Boy TM ” stormed out of the house on an early shift. He’s currently got a cob-on because he maintains he doesn’t make “bear ruckus” in the mornings. But that didn’t stop him borrowing 40p. 40p – he must be skint.

I’ve counted up the astro club’s money. Last Friday we didn’t do teas or coffees. Only “constellation lottery” at a pound a go, and the raffle at 50p per ticket. So how on earth did we take X pounds and sixty two pence that night? Where did those sixty two pence come from? Oh well, I’ve phoned the bank to get the appropriate paperwork sent through. I wonder how long it will take to get the signatory handed over? It took several weeks when the new secretary took over earlier in the year. And I’m still getting monthly statements for the snake club even though I stood down from that over ten years ago. Ten years!! The snake club’s dead and buried – it croaked with the meeting where I stood down in favour of a rather fierce looking woman. I wish I could remember her name – she was pleasant enough, but just looked fierce. The other signatory is on my Facebook list. Perhaps we should do something with that money – it’s about a hundred quid. Over the years I’ve taken advice on what we legally can do with the assets of a defunct club, and most people advice leaving it alone. It seems a waste of a hundred quid. Surely there must be a pet rescue type place we could give it to? If we were allowed to.

Being on a late shift meant I had a bit of time before work this morning. Firstly to the council tip to get rid of the rubbish I packed up yesterday. For once the tip was relatively painless. Unlike my next call – Sainsbury’s. It has to be said that they place seems to attract a better class of customer than Tesco. However the staff did seem a tad “special”. Especially the one with the really spazzy beard.

And then to the craft shop in Bybrook Barn. The plan was to get a stamp for Astrobash so we can stamp people’s hands. Because that’s what happens at this sort of thing, or so I am told. I got a stamp – I think it does the trick.

Whilst in the craft shop, a young girl was dragged in by her grandparents who were obviously trying to interest her in painting. She showed utter contempt for all the paint sets, and then looked at the gallery of pictures on the wall (obviously painted by people not as talented as they might be) “Oh look” she said totally straight faced. “That’s nice. Paint your own disaster”. I just dissolved in fits of giggles whist Grandma gave me evils….

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