17 September 2009 (Thursday) - Got Guts Ache Now

Yesterday I chopped up an apple, a leek and a courgette and mixed in yogurt and curry powder. I stuck the lot in the fridge overnight, and this morning it smelled OK. It didn’t look too bad, either. A shame it tasted almost as bad as green tea. However, I’m told that green tea contains anti-oxidants, so now having had five cups of the foul stuff, I will have no worries with regard to being accosted by an oxidant. On the minus side, I’m trumping like a thing possessed.

Today marks the end of the first week of the weight loss campaign. I’ve lost half a stone, but am still officially obese. At (about) sixteen and a half stone I need to lose another two stone until I become merely “overweight”. I say “about sixteen and a half stone” since the readings on the scales vary considerably, but that would seem to be a consensus figure. Half a stone seems to be an average amount to lose in the first week of a diet. The rate of weight loss slackens off considerably after week one. My target weight is… well, I haven’t actually got a target. I shall continue until the knee stops squeaking, or the doctor replaces it with a plastic one.

A letter arrived today from the chokey. “Norman Stanley” is now two thirds of the way through his sentence, and sounds positive. He claims to have got a clue right in the last crossword I sent him. I shall have to make the next one a tad more tricky. Let’s see what he makes of “A wendy house for Meatloaf's daughter (3,5)”. Come to that, I wonder what my loyal readership will make of it….

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