31 August 2009 (Monday) - Photographs....

Oh, I woke up with such a backache today. Perhaps sleeping in a tent isn’t good for me? But I was up and fishing before 6am – it hurt to lie down. So I had another go at fishing in the “duckhouse pond”. I had nine fish, six big enough to need the landing net. And, to be honest, I didn’t enjoy it at all. There wasn’t enough room. No room to wave the rod about, no room for the net. I was constantly tangled in brambles. Next time I shall take the chain saw to the undergrowth.

And then brekky – featuring omelette made up of all the leftovers. It was really great. And then we packed up camp. There’s something about BatCamp – at a kite festival we are up early, breakfasted and packed away by 11am at the latest. Today we were still fiddling around at 2pm. I suppose that because we are on home territory, there is no urgency. But eventually everything went back into the barn – that’s camping done for another year. And home to wash the laundry – in three days I’ve generated loads.

And then I thought I’d put up the photos of the weekend on Facebook. Oh I got so wound up. If I saw the message “Upload failed” once, I’ve seen it a hundred times today. This would seem to be an ongoing problem with Facebook photos. The uploader simply doesn’t work. I tried it in IE8 as well as Safari. Both to no avail. You *can* use the “simple uploader”, which is what I eventually did, but it can only do five photos at a time, and seeing how I was trying to send up seventy six photos, it became a tad painful.

I managed to get an album on Picasa (eventually). Creating the Picasa album is easy enough – you can see it here. However, I put it on Picasa with a view to putting a slideshow of photos onto the blog, but that too was painful. I think I’ve got it sussed now, and I quite like the idea of my most recent photo album as a blog slideshow.

However I need to decide where to put my photos from now on. Assuming the world wants to see my piccies, I’m only too happy to share them. However this afternoon I’ve spent five hours to get the photos I want to get onto Facebook. Facebook photos has the advantage that people can tag themselves and comment. But it has the disadvantage that it doesn’t actually work.

I have a theory that the file size of the photos I’m taking might be too big. I can vaguely remember using Paint Shop Pro to batch convert photos, but there comes a point when one has wasted too much time on a job, and I’m now sick of the sight of these photos….


  1. IE8 is rubbish. Too new and loads of things don't work with it. Revertback to IE7 if you can. I agree, the size of the photos won't help if they are too big.

  2. I have a "thumbnail" creation program that works to shrink a batch of files. You can tell it the size you want them and how you want them renamed. Let me know if you want it?