5 August 2018 (Sunday) - Garden Party

Leaving "er indoors TM" snoring I scoffed brekkie then went into the garden. Clear up all the dog dung, then put up a gazebo and the event shelter. Easy.
I’d harvested all the dog dung that was in the garden on Friday; there couldn’t possibly be that much generated in the meantime, could there?
There was.
With the garden eventually clear I dragged out the gazebo and found an errant turd just where I wanted to set up. I got rid of that one, and came back to Find Treacle laying another.
Finally with the area clear I got the gazebo poles out and put them in place. Then realized I had the roof diagonal where the side horizontals should be. I put that right only to find the legs were now wrong. I looked at my watch and decided I would give it twenty minutes after which time I would throw it away and get a new one from Argos. With "er indoors TM"’s assistance the gazebo did make the deadline, but it has had it. The plastic is ripped and torn. I thought it would do for the afternoon; it can go to the tip tomorrow.
The event shelter went together so much easier.
I dragged out chairs and tables, and new-next-door lent us five chairs which was a help.

Karl, Tracey and the girls arrived, and we took the hounds for a walk. If they don’t go out Fudge does get fractious. We had a rather good walk round the back roads to the dog beach, and we came home past the bowling alley for an ice lolly. I didn’t realise they had a little kiosk where non-bowlers could buy stuff.

Home for the annual garden party. It went rather well I thought… even if it did get rather vague towards the end…

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