28 August 2018 (Tuesday) - Pod System

I got up early; it was that or lie in bed wide awake.  Totally forgetting all about granola (whoops) I made myself some toast and scoffed it whist watching "Orange is the New Black" in which our heroes seemed to have an awful lot of freedom to wander here and there doing their own things whilst supposedly under guard in prison.

Pausing only briefly to destroy the toothpaste (!) I then got myself together and set off for work. As I drove I listened to the radio, despite what it does to my blood pressure. Firstly there was a lot of hot air about the Northern Ireland Assembly. Supposedly the body which runs Northern Ireland, in practice the body hasn't met in over a year since with no political party having a majority no one seems able to form any sort of power-sharing arrangement. There were politicians on all sides squabbling live on air (like unruly children), but no one made any comment about how the day to day running of Northern Ireland seems to be carrying on just fine without any political oversight from them whatsoever.

There was also a lot of claptrap being spouted about the gang culture which has supposedly gripped the streets of London. Ex-policemen were arguing bitterly with community leaders and well-meaning do-gooders. I'm no expert but it seemed that despite their all getting very angry with each other, they all seemed to be in total agreement with each other and all were saying the same things.

As always I had a commercial van tail-ending me for much of the way to work. Today's van was from Storage Control Systems of Paddock Wood and again must have been driven by a dimwit; would anyone with any intelligence drive so badly and dangerously with their company's details emblazoned all over the van they were driving so dangerously?

I stopped off near Paddock Wood for geo-reasons before going in to work. There was supposedly a geocache there which hadn't been found in over a year. Another resurrection? Not this morning. The hint for the thing was "FPX" and it was described as being tiny and magnetic but not near the metal fence. I found a metal box clearly labelled "FPX" which was spot-on for where  the GPS would have me go but it was right by a metal fence. There was nothing magnetic stuck to it, but there was however two sets of people peering out of their living room windows not five yards away from this "FPX" box.  Not wishing to worry the normal people I shoved off to work, and logged a "Needs Archiving" - we can't have the normal people being frightened, can we?

And so to work. What with one thing and another I postponed my usual look at Facebook until I had a tea break. Someone had posted on the “Ashford” Facebook page. Living in Willesborough, their child had been allocated to a school in Finberry which is about a mile or so away through an industrial estate and across a very busy dual carriageway. With no public transport to Finberry at all this person was trying to line their child up with a lift. Bearing in mind that this new Finberry estate isn’t *that* big, what on Earth was the council thinking of when they built a school there? Clearly the expectation is that everyone has their own car to get to places where the buses don’t go.

I almost (but not quite) choked on my coffee when I read what a friend had posted up. I use the word “friend” in the Facebook sense in that anyone on my list is considered a friend. There are a few people on my “friends” list purely for the entertainment value they provide. One had clearly forgotten who her friends (and especially her husband’s friends) were, and another was banging on about what a bastard her ex- was when the truth of the matter was that she’d forced him away by trying to pressure him into a marriage he didn’t want.
People can be a worry, can’t they?

As I worked "My Boy TM" messaged me. His mate was flogging a “pod system”. A “pod system” is a glorified rod rest. I’ve got rod rests, but I’m told that one has to have the right stuff. I must admit I’m a tad miffed to have spent twenty-five quid on the thing only to find it is just the stand. There is nothing on which to balance any fishing rods. Mid you I’ve got some bite alarms somewhere I can stick on it (I think). All I need now is a couple of butt grips, but I think it fair to say that I’m not alone in needing a butt grip.
Mind you the “pod system” does look pretty damn sexy. It should impress the ladies… or those ladies that are impressed by things that stink of fish.

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