14 August 2018 (Tuesday) - Bit Tired...

When Treacle sleeps well, everyone sleeps well. Last night Treacle was rather restless. I eventually gave up trying to sleep and went downstairs where I tripped over a lump of parquet flooring which was laying on the kitchen lino; Treacle has taken to chewing it from the lavatory floor. I wish she wouldn’t. Fudge would never think of doing anything like that; Treacle’s behavior is far worse than his.

After I’d had my ablutions I went to do my usual kitchen routine; make sandwiches whilst toast cooked, but there was a minor disaster. We had no bread, so I roughed it with honey nut corn flakes with warm milk. A few weeks ago "er indoors TM" bought a new fridge with has two settings; tepid or frozen. It seems it is the fridge itself which decides on the setting.
I watched an episode of “Orange is the New Black”, and then had a look at the Internet. It was still there. Little had changed on Facebook, but I had a dozen emails from someone who had travelled quite a long way to Ashford to play some of the Wherigos I’d set. It was a shame he didn’t say nice things about them (or anything at all really) but you can’t have everything. At least he found them, which is more that I suspect “Vyrembi and Niggae” did with my Earthcache on Greatstone beach.

As I walked down the road to my car there was a young family standing outside one of the houses over the road having a full-blown "domestic" in the street. I did sympathise with the father when he asked if they couldn't have the row inside, and I sniggered when mother said no. I would have liked to have stood and watched how it progressed, but it's not really the done thing, is it?

Having had no bread to make a sandwich I popped to the co -op to get myself a sarnie. I got a rather interesting looking ham salad one, and risked life and limb as I waded to get a bag of their salt and vinegar crisps. Co-op salt and vinegar crisps are rather good, but there was a rather bored young lady who was washing the floor near the crisps - I say "washing the floor" - I've seen less water slopping about in lakes when I've been fishing.
With lunch acquired I set off up the motorway. As I drove I listened to the radio. There was talk about one silly old woman who wasn't happy with her recent holiday to Benidorm. She'd been horrified to find the place crawling with Spanish people. "The entertainment in the hotel was all focused and catered for the Spanish - why can't the Spanish go somewhere else for their holidays?" she asked. I thought this was all some sort of joke, but the old bat was for real. What *really* boils my piss isn't what she said, or her attitude (some people are just plain stupid); what boils my piss is that this woman is allowed to vote and do jury service.
Meanwhile the Canadians have found aliens. That's nice for them.

I got to work; I dd my bit and came home. For once "er indoors TM" had beat me home, and we took the dogs round the park. Despite the fun fair having shut up shop on Sunday, most of the stalls and caravans are still in the park. We managed to stop the dogs from tiddling up caravans (unlike yesterday) and kept them out of the river.
It would have been good to have gone round to the Tuesday meet-up, but time had really run away with us this evening. It was well past seven o’clock by the time we’d got home from the park. And I wasn’t feeling on top form either. A quiet evening in front of the telly and an early night… let’s hope Treacle settles.

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