24 August 2018 (Friday) - PayPal

I woke in the small hours to find I was cuddling Fudge like a teddy bear. He doesn’t put up with that so much these days, but he was rather soppy last night. He has these moments.
Yesterday I used up the last of the granola from the cheapo-bargain shop and this morning I started the more expensive stuff. The cheap stuff was better. As I scoffed it I watched more “Orange is the New Black”. In the previous episode the show had a major influx of new characters. By the end of today’s episode Captain Janeway remained the only character not to have “flopped them out”.
I then got myself ready for work. I’d rather not have to do that, but bills don’t pay themselves.

I had a quick look at Facebook on my mobile as I walked to my car. Yesterday someone had posted some nonsense about how a school in Lincolnshire had allegedly been declared of being "too British" and several friends had shared it. As is *always* the case on Facebook there was no truth in the story, and last night it took me thirty seconds to find a link disproving the story. I posted the link here and there. This morning one of the friends who'd shared it replied saying he was only reposting what someone else had posted.
Why are people so quick to post up with this sort of rubbish without checking whether or not it is true? This one was harmless enough, but over the last few weeks and months I've seen a lot of nasty racist rubbish posted up which is equally without foundation

I needed some petrol so I thought I'd get some from the garage in Brookfield Road (as I drive right past the place). However I couldn't get in to it; there was a huge lorry (about six inches bigger than the forecourt) which had wedged itself in place and wasn't going anywhere. So I drove round to Sainsburys and filled up.
As I drove on to work the pundits on the radio were discussing yesterday's missives from the government about what might happen if the Brexit negotiations go belly-up (which is looking more and more likely). There were interviews with various windbags on the subject including a leading light form the World Trade Organisation. After quite a lot of hot air it seemed that no one really has any idea what is going to happen.  So why not say "There's a lot of hot air being vented, f... only knows what might happen" and then broadcast something worth listening to?

Meanwhile President Trump was bigging himself up seemingly in order to avoid impeachment. From what I've heard on the radio it seems that funds earmarked for his election expenses were used to bribe women to keep quiet about what a beast he'd been to, with or at them. Did he know about the money being used to shut these women up? The pundits on the radio seemed fixated on that question, but surely that is irrelevant - he shouldn't need to be buying anyone's silence in the first place, should he?

Some vicar or other was then wheeled on to spout claptrap for the "Thought for the Day". He banged on about how crappy prison life is and banged on about how when Jesus died he descended to the dead... and then stopped talking seemingly in mid-sentence. There was no insight or anything to ponder on. Perhaps he thought no one was listening, perhaps there was a technical fault which cut him off half way through. Either way, this "Thought of the Day" thing on the radio every morning is just a waste of air time.

As I worked so my phone beeped. I had an email. Yesterday I'd bid on an unhooking mat on eBay (it’s a piscatorial accessory). At lunchtime I won the thing. "My Boy TM" also won some bits and bobs being sold by the same chap so we wondered if I might collect the lot and pay him in cash. For some odd reason the bloke don’t want cash. He wanted us to pay him through PayPal. It don’t bother me how I pay, but having paid using PayPal, *he* (not me) has to pay the fees. Admittedly it’s only just over a quid but it’s a quid he didn’t need to pay.
Why do so many people want to be paid with PayPal?

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