2 August 2018 (Thursday) - Sleepover

I woke this morning to find Treacle was chewing my hand. She wanted to play. A shame it was still before three o'clock.
I lay awake until I had enough of laying awake, got up, and as I scoffed my toast I watched an episode of "Orange is the new black". I quite like this show - it does get a tad saucy in parts though.
Then (pausing only briefly to give "er indoors TM" her birthday pressie) I set off to work.

As I drove the pundits on the radio were discussing the revelation that moderate drinking in the fifty-year olds staves off dementia. I shall bear that in mind.
There was also talk about how the Prime Minister is planning to suck up to the French premier in an attempt to keep him sweet for a cheeky post-Brexit deal.
I can't see how any deal will ever get done with all the details being smeared everywhere by the media.

Yesterday I failed to find a geocache near Allington. Last night I saw that someone went for it after me and found it. I sent them a message and got a message back. Having a few minutes spare this morning and being armed with a hint I went back and found it. It was a relatively straightforward find *if* you ignored the bit in the description about not needing to cross a fence. Having been given a hint I crossed that fence and walked into a thicket to a point some twenty yards away from where the GPS would have had me believe the thing was hidden.
I don't like cache hides like that. The whole idea is that the GPS takes you to the exact spot (give or take a yard or so) then you have to search. Either for an easy find, or for a hide which is very well camouflaged, or for something rather clever.
The idea *isn't* that you are faced with a circle of twenty yards radius to randomly rummage through.

Having finally found the thing I went in to work and did my bit. I came home to find our house guests had arrived. "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" was having a sleepover with us, and he’d brought his slugs with him.
We fed the pond fish. We played Ker-Plunk, we had sausages and chips, we did jigsaw puzzles… not a bad way to spend a birthday evening really…

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