9 January 2018 (Tuesday) - 50 000

I would have slept better had I had the heart to move Fudge and Treacle. When I went for a tiddle at 3am they moved onto the warm spot where I had been sleeping, and I didn't like to move them. I dozed fitfully until ten minutes before my alarm was due to go off.
Over brekkie I watched an episode of "Dad's Army" in which Private Godfrey had a paramour. The beast(!)

I set off to work ten minutes earlier than yesterday; I suppose I will get used to the journey; it's not the easiest (especially in the dark).
As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were discussing yesterday's cabinet non-re-shuffle. The Prime Minister hasn't really re-shuffled her cabinet at all. I can't help but think this is for the best. Moving people about into different jobs purely because she can is no way for the Prime Minister to run the country. Surely people need some time in office to get used to a job?
Having said that maybe she might have moved the Health Secretary - I've never known a Health Secretary to be so hated by healthcare professionals.

the pundits were also discussing a recent seminar about the latest developments in artificial intelligence. they interviewed a robot which (in all honesty) made far more sense than many of the people they interview. For once they didn't bring up the tired old clich├ęs about self-aware robots taking over the world.
Had they actually done any research on the matter they might have mentioned the science-fiction stories of Isaac Asimov in which the safeguards against robots harming humans were so effective that robots effectively sterilised the galaxy just in case aliens might harm the humans they had been built to serve.
Mind you, the "Thought for the Day" bit made me realise that humanity is in far more danger from itself than from robots or aliens. One of the UK's leading Sikhs was saying how Brexit has (in his experience) given rise to unprecedented xenophobia fuelled by wanton self-interest. Many of his fellow Sikhs feel frightened to walk the streets.
We are quite good enough at hurting each other; we don't need any help from robots.

I eventually got to work. There was a dodgy few minutes at a roundabout in Pembury when I found myself in the wrong lane and rather than letting me in, some arrogant twonk (in a BMW) tried to ram me. He beeped his hooter loudly. I hooted mine back, wound down the passenger window and shouted abuse at him. That made him sit up and take notice.

I got to work and did my bit. During a tea break my phone beeped with a notification from Facebook that the drivel that I post to the world has been “liked” some fifty thousand times. I suppose that’s rather good.

Being Tuesday the clans gathered this evening. We exchanged insults, and then watched a rather good episode of “Gotham”. And once home we watched the most recent episode of “Star Trek: Discovery”. This morning Netflix said it was coming out next Monday; this evening it was there to be watched. Up till now the show has been something of a disappointment; now it seems to be getting somewhere.
Here’s hoping…

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