7 January 2018 (Sunday) - Sturry

Having done a couple of night shifts it is no surprise that I slept well last night. I managed nine hours asleep with no tiddle breaks. Not too shabby at all.
I came downstairs shortly after eight o’clock to see our smart meter said that we had already used ninety-one pence worth of gas and electricity. We seem to use an inordinate amount of gas and leccie without actually doing anything. I wonder where that ninety-one pence went this morning?
Over brekkie I had a little look-see at Facebook. I love Facebook if only because it lets me be nosey. Several people had been out and about going here and there yesterday. Interestingly most of these were the same people who complain at me when I don’t tell them that I’m going out anywhere.

We got the leads on to the dogs, and drove out to Sturry where we were somewhat dismayed to find that where we’d planned to park was actually a private road. But it didn’t take *too* much effort to find somewhere where we could park. Pausing only briefly to clear the puppy vomit from the car we soon met up with Karl, Tracey and Charlotte and we took our wolf pack for a little walk.
I say “little” walk; “Hannah” measured it as six and a half miles.
What with one thing and another we’ve not been on a decent Sunday dog walk for over a month. It was good to get out and about today, even if the wind was rather strong and the temperature was *cold*.
Geocache-wise we set off intending to walk two series of caches. We walked them both. They were ideal for today, but I must admit they weren’t really the sorts of walks I like. Today we knew the countryside was going to be muddy and so we needed somewhere which was away from the mud. We got that. But being more urban meant the dogs had to be on their leads much more that I’d liked. Mind you I still managed to get some half-way decent photos, even if I did take them on my phone.

We got back to the cars, and from where we’d parked it was only a short ride to the pub. Over the summer we’d parked our cars at the “Thing and Wotsit” and thought we’d have a return visit. I have no idea what the pub was called; it was somewhere along Sweetchgate, and as pubs go, it is rather good.
We had a rather good bottle of Bishop’s Finger, followed by a pint of stout, and washed it down with a pint of Master Brew. There were one or two bags of crisps to be had (as well as peanuts and pork scratchings), and Fudge felt at home enough to fart as though it was about to go out of fashion. I don’t know what that dog had been eating; if I knew, I wouldn’t let him eat it again.

I slept much of the way home. For that I am blaming the after-effects of two night shifts and *not* three pints of ale.
Once home I dozed in front of the telly for a bit. "er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of dinner then went bowling. I spent a little while wrestling with my camera. Whilst we were out earlier it hadn’t worked. It had come up with a “zoom error”, thrown in the towel, and switched itself off. Looking on the Internet the best fix for this is to send it back to the factory where they will charge the best part of a hundred quid to fix it.
Alternatively I can get a new one on eBay for forty quid; identical in every way (except it don’t have the “zoom error”). Or I might just muddle through using my phone for a few weeks until it is my birthday…

You can tell we’ve not had a really good dog walk for a while; both hounds are snoring as I write this…

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