13 January 2018 (Saturday) - Stourmouth

Having had a full week of early starts I had been looking forward to something of a lie-in this morning. I found myself chasing Fudge round the garden at four o’clock as he decided that the neighbourhood needed to be shouted at. And then with him eventually settled, Treacle wanted to play at ten past six.
I finally got some shut-eye; but suddenly woke in a cold sweat following a nightmare in which I had been promoted to the rank of “wotsit officer” on the starship ”USS Spasmo” and had been told we were off on a suicide mission to kick some furry yellow ass.

Over brekkie I had a look at the Internet. Yesterday the pundits on the radio had told me that Facebook was changing its policies so that I would see far fewer adverts and far more of what my friends and family were posting. I called up that website hoping to see what friends and family were up to, and immediately found myself confronted with half a dozen pornographic Facebook pages.
Once I got through the smut I saw some snippets of what people were up to, but only a shadow of what I used to see. More and more there are just the same old memes and jokes circulating. I wish individuals would post more; I’m a nosey person. I like to see what people are doing.
Mind you, one friend was asking for advice. Her ex-husband was being very difficult about making plans for next Christmas with the children. He’d got a solicitor to take the line that seeing how he’d totally neglected his paternal responsibilities for the last five years it was only reasonable that at the next Christmas he have the children from the day before Christmas Eve till the day after Boxing Day. I’ve met the bloke, and have followed his Facebook postings. He only wants this arrangement out of spite. If he managed to get his way, the children would spend the entire time under the unwilling supervision of his mother.
I can’t help but wonder why no one has remonstrated with this chap with a large bat.

We got ourselves and the dogs together, and set off to Stourmouth. We went there geocaching three years ago and gave up as the place was flooded. Today we managed a rather good walk. We parked up at the picnic site, then (once Karl Tracey and Charlotte had joined us) went for a little wander.
We climbed trees, we navigated swamps, we found fields of cauliflowers, we found odd birds (that probably weren’t dodos), we argued with swans, we didn’t *quite* fall into rivers. As we walked we found a pub. A crafty half at the mid-way point is always good. And there was a pub at the end too.
I took a few photos as we walked.
Geocache-wise it was a mixed walk. We’d gone along to walk a specific circuit. The caches on that walk weren’t the easiest to find. But the suggested parking place was in such a place that we found ourselves going past geocaches hidden by other people before and after the main route. Several of those weren’t there.

Once home "er indoors TM" went to the Saturday night film night. Being home alone I foraged for my dinner (in the general direction of the KFC) and with dinner scoffed I spent most of the evening fast asleep in front of the telly.
Perhaps that third pint of stout was one too many…?

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