14 January 2018 (Sunday) - Lazy Day

When I went for my half past three tiddle I saw all the lights were on in not-so-nice-next-door. No matter what time I go to the loo in the night, that house always has all the lights on. Don’t they sleep? Or don’t they care about the leccie bill?

Over brekkie I had my morning look at Facebook. Yet another friend has taken up running. Everyone seems to be doing running. I wish I knew why. When you next see a runner, look at them. You never see a happy looking one. They all look thoroughly miserable. What *is* the attraction?

I also had a look at the geo-website and I had a little revelation. More and more geo-meets have their descriptions worded in such a way that it appears that the hosting venue has made special dispensation to allow dogs in as a gracious one-off offer (for which we should all be grateful). But in fact the places are dog friendly all the time. So… don’t people want dogs along to meet-ups?
I don’t see dogs as a problem at geo-meets (well, I wouldn’t) but in my experience the average geo-meet only has four (or less) dogs along, is dogs an issue? Aren’t they wanted?

Just as we were about to go out my lap-top told me it was going to have an update. Usually it asks it if can; this time I had no say in the matter. I left it sorting itself out, we put the leads onto the dogs and drove round to the warren. "My Boy TM" was there with Cheryl and Rolo and house-guest Marley, but not with Lacey. She’d announced that she didn’t want to go for a walk, and that was the end of it as far as she was concerned.
We had a rather good walk round the warren. For all that the weather forecast had said that yesterday was going to be the brighter day of the weekend, yesterday was cold. This morning was bright, and my nose wasn’t running anywhere near as much as it did yesterday. As we walked we saw squirrels (fortunately the dogs didn’t) and there were quite a few blue tits about.
There were a few iffy moments when Fudge got over-friendly with Marley (as only boy dogs can), but the urge soon went.

We came home, hosed off the mud, got changed, had a cuppa, wrote up some CPD, and with the dogs settled we set off out again. Usually Sunday is a big dog walk. As we weren’t walking (much) today we thought we’d copy the normal people and have a roast dinner. We met "My Boy TM" and Cheryl (this time *with* Lacey) and Cheryl’s grandad at the Kennington Carvery where we stuffed ourselves silly. The carvery is amazingly cheap – all you can eat for eleven quid. I had two platefuls and made myself feel rather ill.
Mind you their puddings aren’t cheap so we drove to McDonalds for McFlurries.

With a little time on our hands we then went clothes shopping in Matalan. Much as I like that place, they don’t cater for the fatter arse. "My Boy TM" had a minor problem in that he needed new undercrackers, but no one was brave enough to have a look at the label in the pair he was wearing to find out what size he needed.
I got a bargain. There was a pair of trousers on the rail for sixteen quid, and an identical pair on the bargain rail for seven quid. I got the bargain. Mind you I did get cross with the idiot on the till. Why didn’t he *fold* my stuff into the carrier bag? Did he really have to screw and shove them all in?

We came home. I set the washing machine loose on my undercrackers and spent an hour writing up more CPD, then had a cuppa.
"er indoors TM" has gone bowling. I shall sit in front of the telly and hope my guts stop aching soon…

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