12 January 2018 (Friday) - Getting Petrol

The puppy had a restless night, but wasn't her fidgetting that kept me awake;  it was Fudge grumbling at her that I found disturbing. The pair of them finally settled about five o'clock, and I got one hour 's rest before the alarm went off.
Over brekkie I watched another episode of "Big Mouth", then set the dishwasher loose on an assortment of crockery that I'd found and set off.

Needing petrol I went to the petrol station on the ring road. I would rather have stopped off at one of the petrol stations on my way to work, but being a meanie I went for the cheapest I could find. Petrol on Ashford's ring road is seven pence per litre cheaper than in Pembury. I saved nearly three quid this morning.

I got my petrol and eventually paid for it. The surprisingly attractive grannie was on the till and there was a gaggle of suitors at the counter all clamouring for her attention. Personally I can't see the attraction. When I finally got to the counter I asked if they had any Cadbury's mini-eggs (as I fancied some). She rather dismissively told me to come back in a month or so as they aren't available yet. I pondered about telling her that every other shop in the county has them, but decided not to rattle her cage.
I went back to my car. On Monday I'd reset the mileage calculator on my car. There is a gadget which tells me how far I can drive before needing petrol. It makes this prediction based on recent fuel usage. I used to get about four hundred and ninety-five miles from a tank of petrol when I was working in Canterbury.  This was much the same for Maidstone, but (based on this week's driving) today it told me I could now get five hundred and forty miles from a tank of petrol.
Driving cross-country is economical, if nothing else.

Having got petrol I was about a quarter of an hour later leaving Ashford than I have been. The morning was *so* much brighter (even if it was foggy). And the roads were quieter too. Mind you I would imagine the quieter roads would be a "Friday thing" rather than a "time" thing.
As I drove the pundits on the radio were discussing why President Trump has cancelled his planned visit to the UK. Clearly he doesn't see us as worth visiting. There are those in the UK who see that as an insult. Clearly he doesn't care. Perhaps those who've taken offence might consider that, and review how important they feel their opinion (and the UK) is in the eyes of Mr Trump.
The pundits on the radio also interviewed Nigel Farrage who now feels that a second Brexit referendum might be a good idea. He thinks it would be good to shut up the "remain" group once and for all. It was suggested to him that a second referendum might be a good idea as all that he promised has turned out to be a bunch of lies. For all that Mr Farage blustered, he never actually tried to defend the lies he made on the run-up to Brexit.
I can't see the appeal of the man; he is truly a nasty person.

I got to work where I had a rather good day. I was told that I looked too young to have children that have left home; and certainly looked too young to be a grandfather. I was pleased about that.
And I discovered a case of hereditary elliptocytosis; one of the few things that I can discover professionally without someone being rather ill.

With work done I came home. Fish and chips went down well, and then we watched yesterday’s episode of “The Orville”. It could have been a rather good story had Star Trek not already done it first and had the writers not tried to rip the piss from it…

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