10 January 2018 (Wednesday) - Big Girl's Blouses

I slept like a log last night. Over another lonely brekkie I watched an episode of "Big Mouth". This is something I discovered on Netflix; it's not entirely unlike "South Park". It makes me snigger.

I set off for work; for some odd reason this morning was far lighter than yesterday.  I have a rather pretty drive to work when I can actually see the scenery.
As I drove the pundits on the radio were interviewing an army general  who was trying to talk down the furore  caused by the latest army recruiting campaign in which potential soldiers are told that it is OK to be a big girl's blouse.The general said that it *wasn't* OK to be a big girl's blouse in the army; you could only be a soldier if you could kick ass big time.
Personally I'd rather have kick-ass soldiers than big girl's blouses looking after the nation's well-being, but is that politically correct?
Somehow I doubt it.

There was also talk of how President Trump's ex-advisor Steve Bannon has been sacked from his job with Brietbart News. Having made rather malicious statements about the President's family, is the chap *really* surprised when Mr Trump tells the bloke's bosses exactly who is the leader of the free world, and who is to get the bum's rush?
The moral of the story is surely to keep your trap shut.
Something we could probably all do from time to time...

I got to work and had a rather good day. I think. During the afternoon I took a photo of the view from the lab window. It’s rather a pretty view. I posted a photo of the view on-line, and quite a few people agreed with me.

I came home to find just Fudge. "er indoors TM" had taken Treacle to the vet’s (for a finger up the bum) and Fudge wasn’t too happy at being left alone. He wouldn’t have wanted to go to the vet’s, but you can’t reason with a dog. We walked round the block and came home just before the mission to the vet returned.
We had a rather good bit of dinner and with it we had a bottle of “Conquesta” which is possibly the worst wine I have ever tasted.

I think I might have an early night…

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