6 January 2018 (Saturday) - Dr No

During a break in the small hours of the night shift I had a look at Facebook. One of the young lads on my Facebook list had pranged his motorbike. He’d also pranged himself; he was in hospital with several fractures needing surgery to put right (including a broken femur – and they take some breaking). I’ve known for some time that this lad is a regular church-goer, and several people were posting that the chap was in their prayers, and that they were asking God to bless him and to return him to health.
I don’t understand this at all?
The chap got blatted by a motorbike. Presumably God could have done something to stop this, but chose not to do so. This fellow will now be fixed by the NHS, but God will be given the credit for the repair job.

As I drove home the pundits on the radio were interviewing someone who has recently written a book about President Donald Trump. The President isn’t pleased about the book as it claims he is absolutely mad as trousers and is unfit for office. I must admit that this is the image I have formed about Mr Trump. I’ve never met him, but the BBC news people to portray him as being a total looney.
Interestingly the bloke who wrote the book has a theory that Donald Trump never intended to end up as President. They whole election campaign was some sort of publicity stunt which supposedly went wrong when Hilary Clinton lost the election.
An interesting theory…

I got home and had brekkie and took myself off to bed whilst "er indoors TM" put the Christmas decorations away. I got up to a rather un-Christmassy house. We had some cheese on toast, then settled the dogs and went out.
A week ago "My Boy TM" told us that the local WyeVale garden centre was having a closing down sale. Everything was seventy per cent off. We thought we might pick up a bargain. I suppose a week ago we might have done so. Today there was very little left that was worth having. Still, it was nice to have one last look round the local WyeVale before it gets demolished.

We drove to Asda where we collected "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" and her shopping, then went back to hers for a cuppa. It was good to see Jake and Charlie; Sam was put to work putting together Charlie’s Christmas pressies.
And then we took the dogs round the park; again unexpected rain poured down and again we got soaked.

After a rather good bit of dinner "er indoors TM" went off to the Saturday night film club. I thought about going, but ironing doesn’t iron itself you know. As I ironed I watched a film. The ITV4 channel was playing the old James Bond classic “Doctor No” featuring Sean Connery as James Bond and Ursula Undressed as the half-naked bimbo what he porks. It wasn’t a bad film; not least of which because of what Ursula Undressed wasn’t wearing.
I could have been James Bond 007. I’d give Ursula Undressed my best efforts if only my back wasn’t so iffy… Mind you I bet 00- agents don’t spend their Saturday evenings doing the ironing.

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