25 January 2018 (Thursday) - Intestinal Discomfort

At Christmas we froze the left-over turkey curry. I had some for dinner last night. It wasn’t sitting well at half past two this morning, so I popped to the loo. As I walked to the chodbin so Fudge was walking to the back door. He looked so tired and slow and looked at me so plaintively as he stood by the back door.
That dog is *such* an actor.
I opened the door for him; he flew down the garden like a bat out of hell, shouting woofs and barks as he went. He continued shouting as loudly as he could until I found some clothes and went out to fetch him back in. He came back in with a very indignant expression; not at all happy at having had his fun spoiled.
I didn’t really get back to sleep properly after that.

I gave up trying to sleep at half past five, and over a brekkie wracked by guts ache I watched another episode of “The Good Place”. I found myself making some comparisons of this show with “The Orville”; why is it that the ridiculous and the humourous work on one show but not on the other?

I sparked up my lap-top and saw that the submission I made last night to one of the work-related Facebook groups I follow had been accepted. However the posting had received a comment warning me that I had left real patient data in it. I hadn’t. I had changed the name of the patient to “Lewis T. Duck”. Anyone with any sense knows that the “T” stands for “the”, and that Lewis T.Duck lives on the island of Merrytwit. (This *is* common knowledge, right?)
I also saw that people with whom I once worked were on holiday in Toronto. They’ve been there several times; if my money stretched far enough to have holidays like that I’d go to different places each time.
I had emails telling me of supervisor jobs at London hospitals. I can (just about) cope with an hour’s drive in the mornings. But a train journey?

And talking of an hour’s drive, I set off to work. I got into my car and was amazed at just how fogged up the windscreen was. I bought a thingy to stop that happening. I *really* need to get that thingy out of the car's door pocket and onto the dashboard every evening.

As I drove the pundits on the radio were discussing how much plastic is wasted in making disposable bottles of water. There is a bright spark who has created an app which tells you where you can get free water. You use the app, find out where there is free water, then take your refillable bottle along. Result! A quid saved every time.
A minor problem is that I can't see the makers of "Highland Spring" and "Evian" being overjoyed at this.
I hope it takes off... I have visions of (in years to come) telling incredulous grandchildren about how people used to spend good money on water.
Mind you I expect bottled water will still continue. There are always those who delight in needlessly spending money. Look at the success of high street coffee shops. Or those granola bars in Asda for over two quid when Aldo do much the same thing for under eighty pence.

The rest of the day was spent farting. I shouldn’t have had that curry…

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