2 January 2018 (Tuesday) - Late Shift

I woke early; later than I often do, but still too early. I lay awake feeling somewhat morose (I wonder why). Over brekkie I sparked up my lap-top.
Facebook was full of tirades from people complaining about going back to work. Many people have had a ten-day break and were complaining about the holidays having ended. I haven’t had a massive break (not that I’m complaining).
Treacle nibbled at her breakfast; Fudge turned his nose up at his. I took the dogs out hoping to increase their appetites with a walk.

We did our usual walk. I know Bowens Field Wetland Park is a “wetland” park, but more and more it is becoming little more than a swamp.
We walked on to Viccie Park where several other dog walkers wished us all a happy new year. That was kind of them. One group wanted to chat; they were pleased that I’d given a stray dog a home(!) It turned out that they’d seen Fudge in the park several times in the past but because he straggles so far behind they had no idea he was with me. They’d always thought it was just me and Treacle going for the walk, and Fudge was just a random stray doing his own thing.
We came home and the dogs yummed up their breakfasts. I made myself a cuppa and cut myself a lump of Christmas cake then watched an episode of “Still Game” before setting off to work.

I set off to work through the drizzle. Over brekkie I'd had an email telling me of two new geocaches vaguely on the way to to work. I wondered if I might get a cheeky First to Find. I had been beaten to the first one by some people of whom I'd never previously heard. They'd got there half an hour before I had. Oh, well, etiquette dictated that if they'd got the First to Find on that one, then they would not have gone for the other. It turned out that etiquette was wrong; they'd had both.

I drove on to Aylesford. I went to Sainsburys; I needed a new razor and some blades. I got some, and nearly had a fit at the price. Thirty-two quid. Can you believe it?
And to add insult to injury, having paid for the things in the self-service check-out, when I asked the one of the staff to remove the security tags, she looked at me like I was the shit on her shoe and (rather sarcastically) asked if I could prove I'd paid for them.

I then went on to the cheapo-bargain shop for some extra strong mints where I had a little chuckle. The delightfully pikey woman in front of me in the queue at the till was buying a large storage box. She'd filled the storage box with all sorts of stuff which she hoped wouldn't be noticed by the till staff. When the till staff tried to open the storage box, the delightfully pikey woman nearly had a fit, insisting that the storage box didn't need to be opened. There was nearly a fist fight over the matter. When the box was opened and all the stuff stashed in the box came to light, the delightfully pikey woman pretended to know nothing about it. "So you don't want this lot?" asked the woman on the till. "Yes I do" snarled pikey-woman. With the most sickly smile you ever did see, the woman on the till told pikey that she had to pay for them (in the tone you would use with a particularly stupid four-year old).
I didn't quite laugh out loud.
The rest of the day was rather dull in comparison…

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