4 January 2018 (Thursday) - Car Service

I had my morning all planned out. Early start, quick bit of brekkie, load the dogs into the car, take the car for a service, then walk home. It was a good plan. It was a shame that I woke to torrential rain.
I left the dogs at home when I took the car for its service. I left my car at the garage and the nice man at the garage gave me a lift home again.

"er indoors TM" set off for work, and I spent a couple of minutes organising a Facebook event. Over the last few months I’ve been puzzling like a thing possessed over various geo-puzzles in London. We’ll go find them in a few weeks time. I spent a while wondering about how I might tactfully word the description of the event, but in the end I decided against tact…
There was a minor fly in the ointment on the last London trip. Most people who were there knew what was going on. One didn’t have a clue, but this didn’t stop her trying to give out the orders. This time I’ve insisted that people read the description of the day’s plan so we don’t have to waste time repeating ourselves constantly to someone who is clearly not listening.

The rain stopped (as the forecast said it would) so I took the dogs for a walk. Totally forgetting yesterday’s hiccup, autopilot kicked in and soon we were in Bowens Field swamp. The overnight rain had made the swamp deeper than it was yesterday.
We walked on through the park. Reality had ignored the weather forecast as the rain started again. That annoying fine rain that leaves you soaked right through.
We were all dripping wet when we got home.

I was just about to hang the washing round the radiators when my mobile rang. It was the garage with a list of problems with my car. I asked them to fix most of them, and with the chap from the garage saying they would phone me back when the car was ready (in a few hours) I took myself off to bed.
They phoned just over an hour later.
Bearing in mind the walk to the garage is an idea dog walk I decided to walk them over there to get the car. “Come on then” I said. Fudge ran to the front door; Treacle ran upstairs to bed.
Mind you that wasn’t how the walk turned out. We could have walked to the garage in half the time had Fudge not wanted to sniff *every* blade of grass we passed.

We got to the garage. Todays’ was a “big” service and consequently had a “big” bill. Although I budget for car services, spending hundreds of pounds is never good.
We came home and for lunch I scoffed yesterday’s left-over soup. It was *GOOD*!!

I then managed three hours in bed. I slept for some of them, but as soon as I got comfortable, Treacle would try to push her way on to the warm bit.

"er indoors TM" has just come home. Once she’s boiled up my tea I’m off to the night shift.

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