7 February 2016 (Sunday) - Southfleet

Over brekkie I uploaded yesterday's blog entry. I tried to do that last night; however last night the internet connection simply wasn't working. This morning I spend a while going here, there and thither on-line with no problems at all for half an hour until the thing stopped.
Let's hope that whatever monitoring of the line that is being done by the Internet provider picks this up.

We got our stuff together and drove round to collect Suzy-dog who had also got her stuff together. We then drove up to Southfleet (in North Kent) where six of us (and three dogs) set off on a little geo-wander. We started off on one guided walk, and half way round diverted onto another, and from there on followed a route which I'd rather cobbled together from poring over the map for the last week. But it seemed to work well. I wasn't exactly sure of the route we'd take until we were actuallly walking; as we walked we tried for thirty-nine geo-targets, we got thirty-eight of them.

I quite liked this little walk. Fudge only disgraced himself by running off after pheasants once, and didn't roll in a single turd (fox or otherwise). As we walked we found tables for our picnic lunch, a supermarket that sold blister plasters and about two thirds of the way round we found a pub where I got a pint of a local ale. Very nice!
And shortly after this we met a little dog who looked incredibly like "Furry Face TM". His name was Banjo. Funnily enough we've met another Fudge-look-alike called Banjo before. I can't help but wonder if it is a common name for Patagonian Tripe-Hounds.

It was a very cold and windy day; but despite that we had a good time. There was perhaps a minute's worth of rain in the early afternoon, but it went as quickly as it came. And by one of those amazing co-incidences we got back to the cars about two minutes before the torrential rain hit.

I took a few photos whilst we walked. As "er indoors TM" set off to her Sunday night bowling I posted then on-line (as the Internet connection seemed to be working) and then scoffed some pizza whilst watching an episode of "Dad's Army" that I don't think I've seen before. Rather a good episode really. I then set GSAK doing my logging (it's a geo-thing) whilst my little dog snored. We walked over twelve miles today; it has been a little while since my little dog has done such a distance. And as he snored my face glowed. I caught the sun today. In February !!

"War and Peace" is on in a few minutes. I shall watch that as I stitch up the rip in my walking jacket. It is a nice jacket with lots of useful pockets. It should not be confused with a "gilet" which (contrary to popular opinion) is actually a form of frilly dress often worn with rather saucy ladies underwear.... (true fact!)

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