3 February 2016 (Wednesday) - Leccie Bill

I didn't sleep that well last night; fretting about that over which I have absolutely no control. Some people have the ability not to worry about those sorts of things. I wish I could switch off like that. I lay awake stroking my dog for much of the night trying to sleep.
I gave up shortly after 7am and spent a little while seeing if geo-puzzles would take my mind off of worries. They didn't really.

I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk round the park. He's a funny little dog. Before brekkie I saw he had a very full bladder; it is rather obvious. I took him into the garden where he didn't really do that for which I had sent him out. But as we walked round the park so he emptied his bladder one drip at a time every few yards.
Admittedly we were out rather earlier than usual, but it was *cold*. As we walked people were scraping the ice from their cars. And even the slower parts of the river had a thin sheet of ice on them.

We came home and I told the power company our electic and gas meter readings. Having entered them onto the website the thing had a little think and then announced that I was over five hundred pounds in credit with them.
I sighed a little at this. This is an ongoing "thing" with the power company. At first sight I thought I was entitled to a serious refund. But a closer examination revealed a different story. Every monthly payment I make doesn't pay the bill at all. Instead the money goes into some sort of holding account where it stays until such time as their automated system says a payment is due. At that time it dips into the holding account for however much it wants. The power company doesn't seem to have actually taken anything since last August. I expect that far from being over five hundred pounds in credit, the thing will demand a payment tomorrow and then tell me that this £526.11 doesn't come close to what I actually owe.
We shall see.

Women's Hour was on the radio as I drove to work. I had half a mind to turn it off; usually that show is nothing more than a soapbox for opinionated misandrists. But today's was quite interesting featuring an interview with women survivalists preparing for armageddon. Apparently there is a growning number of women stockpiling tins of food and bottles of water in their basements in preparation for when the bomb drops.

I got to work and had a far better day than I was hoping for. I might blog about it over on adulldayatwork dot blogspot dot com eventually. But not now.

A late start made for a late finish. But despit the late finish we had a rather good bit of scoff and watched the Christmas episode of "Benidorm". I quite like that show...

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