7 September 2015 (Monday) - Before Work

It was only when I got up this morning that I realised that I didn't spend all day yesterday whinging about tennis elbow. Much as I don't like constantly munching drugs I thought I might just have some more of that Ibuprofen, so after brekkie I scoffed two more.

I took "Furry Face TM" for our morning consitutional round the park. We set off at 8am so most of the usual suspects hadn't yet shown up, which was probably for the best. We did see the two old boys who always insist on calling my dog over to feed him, but I saw them before they saw us so we were able to take a diversion to avoid them. On the one hand they mean well; on the other hand Fudge's hanging round them for scraps adds ten minutes to our walk.
And talking of scraps I had to extract a doughnut from my dog's mouth as we walked. Someone had left one laying on the pavement.

We came home, and having some spare time before work I spent a little time getting stressed with phone calls.
I had been due to have had a follow-up appointment at the hospital ten days ago. It had been cancelled and I'd had a message that it had been rescheduled for some time today. I'd tried phoning them last week to no avail. This morning I was told that the secretary dealing with my case had been on holiday and that the specialist I'd been seeing had left and gone to East Grinstead.
There is talk of fitting me in to an extra clinic some time next week.

I then phoned the mobile phone people. "Everything Everywhere" sounds good as a company name, but anyone who's actually used the EE mobile phone network would agree that "Nothing Anywhere" would be a better description. I had no signal yesterday on our Biggin Hill walk but the Vodafone signal was fine.
After a lot of messing around on an automated switchboard (which kept telling me that they were committed to excellent customer service) I finally got through to Chris who clearly couldn't care less. She told me that my contract runs till 6 May 2016 and I can either suck it up till then or buy out the remainder of the contract The fact that the phone network doesn't work (apparently) doesn't invalidate the contract.
She suggested I spoke to the technical people who suggested I took the phone to the shop in the town centre. The fact that the issue is with their network and not the phone is neither here nor there...

I then phoned the vets to arrange a booster shot for "Furry Face TM". Apparently despite having contacted us, the shot isn't due for a couple of weeks. I'll arrange something closer to the time.
And then I got through to the optician who arranged an appointment for next Monday morning

And so to work. I did get just a little bit cross over the news on the radio today. Whilst it is hardly going to be the end of the world, it is vaguely possible that there may be some power cuts over the next few winters. The reason: building power stations is an expensive business. Apparently old power stations are closing whilst new ones either aren't yet ready or aren't even being built. Some of the pundits were blaming policy makers for allowing the National Grid to get into such a state. Personally I can't help but feel the problem is that the policy makers have decided not to have a policy and to leave it all to market forces instead.

I stopped off at the cheapo-bargains shop and bought thirty sandwich boxes. I've ordered the camoflague tape. Once it arrives I shall get busy....

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