22 September 2015 (Tuesday) - Tribble-ations

After a rather restless night mostly spent tangled in the hose of my CPAP machine I got up and watched the latest episode of "South Park". It is now up to series nineteen and... I won't say that it isn't funny any more but I got the distinct impression that if you aren't up on current affairs in the US then most of the show will go over your head. I then watched the end of "Toddlers and Tiaras" in which the winners were very happy and the losers were not.
With a few minutes before having to leave for work I quickly checked my emails. Amazon (dot com) recommended that I might like to download the ebook "Brideshead Revisited" because it was simular to something I'd downloaded before; namely the ebook "Brideshead Revisited" (!)

The rain was rather torrential as I drove to work. And as usual I listened to the radio. Hate campaigners are trying to forment civil unrest by circulating rumours that the British Legion has decided not to sell poppies in certain areas in order not to upset the minorities. It turns out that this is all lies. If poppies aren't being sold anywhere it is because no one in that area is volunteering to sell them.
Perhaps those who stir the hatred might be better employed selling poppies.

There was a lot of talk about the dire straits in which Addenbrookes hospital is finding itself. Once a world leader it is now in "special measures". A lot of hospitals are now in these special measures; mostly for ridiculous financial reasons. And they really are ridiculous reasons.
Hospitals are supposed to be run like businesses these days. However if a proper business like B&Q, Amazon or even a lady of loose morals (to name three at random) gets a customer they provide a service or a product and present the customer with a bill. Hospitals don't work that way. They get a customer (patient) and provide their service for free then tell the Government what services they have provided. The Government then says it cost too much, gives a fraction of what the actual cost was, and then wonders why hospitals are all over-spent.

Equally laughable are moves by the English Bridge Union to have the card game "bridge" re-classified as a sport. Sport England had told them to get knotted and have made the accusation that there are hundreds of bridge clubs up and down the country who are just trying to milk money out of Sport England.

After two hours I finally got to work. A journey which normally takes forty minutes was somewhat delayed by five seperate floods across the road. Once at work I did my bit, and had a much easier journey home.

Once home I walked "Furry Face TM" round the block, we had a rather good omelette then set off to Folkestone. We terrorised the baby in his ball pool for a few minutes, then went on to the Tuesday gathering of the clans. The ChromeCast was a little under the weather, but we played a few games, then made ourselves feel sick through eating too many sweeties and watched Captain Kirk being inundated with tribbles.
Quality stuff....

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