2 September 2015 (Wednesday) - Bethersden

Yesterday I thought I might take my dog on a little walk round the Bethersden area to see if I could start planning a geo-stroll. Events conspired against that plan, but today I woke at 6am, and couldn't get back to sleep. "Furry Face TM" seemed up for a walk, so we set off shortly after 7am.

We started badly; a minor altercation with a cyclist. As I was pulling out I didn't see him. When he'd finished shouting the "F" word several times I pointed out that if he will dress all in black and have no lights whatsoever, he really should use his bell or hooter more often when it's obvious that motorists can't see him. And if he's too mean to pay for a bell or hooter, then he might shout *before* it is too late .
As he struggled to find any kind of response I told him that he was in the wrong, and he needed to sort it out.
We drove off.

It didn't take long to get to Bethersden; I put on my gaiters and we set off. I had a vague idea of the route I wanted to take, and we pretty much followed that route. As we walked we met over-friendly cows and ponies, and saw sheep and rabbits. We did struggle with the paths in places though.It was pretty obvious that farmers in that part of the world really don't subscribe to the theory of marking out footpaths. For much of the way I was able to use the GPS on "Hannah" to keep me on track, but there was one point where the footpaths were utterly impassable. Fortunately the country lanes there weren't busy.

I went out hoping to be able to find hides for thirty five geocaches; I got thirty five hides along (just over) eight miles. I've now got to find an hour or so to communicate my plans to the geo-feds to see if the route is acceptable. Some areas are owned by Forestry Commission or are sites of special scientific interest, or are just no-go for geo-stuff even though they don't look any different to anywhere else.
Mind you my gaiters got a goot work-out today. I'm quite pleased with them.

I took some photos whilst we were out, and once home posted them on Facebook as I scoffed my lunch. And with lunh scoffed I took myself off to bed. I would have liked to have slept for longer, but I got a couple of hours asleep.

I'm now off to Folkestone. "Daddies Little Angel TM" says she will feed me before the night shift...

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