10 September 2015 (Thursday) - McDinner

After a rather restless night I got up rather earlier than I might have done. I found "Furry Face TM" scratching at the back door. Thinking he needed a tiddle I let him out. But knowing what he is like I went out with him. He jumped out of the door then stopped and saw I was going with him, Then he flew round the garden like a thing possessed. I'm sure if I'd not gone with him there would have been a *lot* of woofing.
He did "do his business" - eventually.

Over brekkie I found I had no drivel to watch on the SkyPlus box; yesterday evening I'd cleared a lot of it. Fortunately the TLC +1 channel was showing an old favourite. In today's episode of "Toddlers and Tiaras" there was upset as one of the judges was exposed to be a relative of one of the contestants.
With a minute or two spare I thought I might start sticking camoflage tape to the thirty-odd sandwich boxes I have ready for my ongoing geo-project. I'd spent a small fortune buying camo-tape from eBay. The stuff arrived yesterday but this morning I found it is not actually adhesive. Ho hum....
I then checked emails. A minor disaster.... The munzee I put on a bus stop by the hospital in Canterbury had been flagged as needing maintenance and I couldn't log in to munzee dot com to do anything about it. I clicked on the "forgot my password" link and it said an email had been sent. Perhaps one was; I didn't get it.
Oh well; no one does munzees anyway.

As I walked to my car I saw my nutty neighbour. He did his usual half looking at me and half looking away. I toyed with the idea of asking what tonight's shouting would be about, and I really wanted to know if his wife was actually going to stab him when he was screaming "get away from me with that knife" two nights ago.
But I thought better of the idea. Speaking to him is hard work.
Instead i just went off to work. I stopped off at Morrisons on my way. I bought some glue (£3) and a sweetie bar (£0.85) and was charged £1.97. What was that all about?
Interestingly the pundits on the radio were this morning interiewing the top dog at Morrisons who was saying that they were having to close eleven of their supermarkets because of their bad financial position.
I can't see the Canterbury branch lasting at this rate.

I got to work and did that which I could not avoid. I got a formal compliment today after my involvement in yesterday's serious emegency case. I was pleased about that. And I came home again. I do that.

Once home I met up with Jimbo and we took "Furry Face TM" round the park. He likes that. (both Jimbo and "Furry Face TM") and then having given my dog his dinner we went for some McDinner of our own. Italian-style McWotsit went down very well, as did a triple caramel McFlurry and a choc chip iced latte.
It was with something of a stomach ache that the went to the astro club's committee meeting.

I've not been quite as enthusiastic about the astro club as I might have been just lately, but after tonight's meeting I might just possibly be re-enthused. Here's hoping...

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