5 September 2015 (Saturday) - Another Day

I slept like a log last night, finally surfacing from my pit shortly after 8am. For me that is something of a lie-in. Mind you my little dog was still fast asleep. He eventually hauled himself out of his basket when he got the idea that there was toast to be scrounged (he didn't get any).

We could have done so much today. We could have spent the weekend at geo-camp; but it is too cold to go camping this time of year.
We could have gone to visit the geocachers at geo-camp; but Bexhill was a long way to go just to watch other people camping.
We could have gone to the Ashford beer festival, but today was just that little bit too cold to be sitting on wet grass spending a fortune to give myself a headache. I'd already spent far too much on beer last night (and got the headache) anyway.
So finding myself at something of a loose end this morning I set the washing machine on an overflowing laundry basket. As it chewed on my undercrackers I went through my letter rack. I’d not been there for a while; it took a couple of hours to clear.
There was a letter from the optician. I need to make an appointment to get my eyes checked.
The bank had written to me to give me an annual summary of the charges made on my accounts. There hadn’t been any. So they’d spent time and money to tell me that.
In a similar vein I had a letter from the dentist saying that they were under new management but it wouldn’t actually affect me in any way at all. I wonder how many other letters they’ve sent out like that? And how much that cost them?
There were several vouchers from “Go Outdoors” all of which expired last Tuesday.
There was a letter from the pet insurance people saying that Fudge’s insurance policy would carry on. It was as well that it did; otherwise it would have lapsed a month ago. Mind you it is a fiver a month more than it has been for the last year now that he weighs over ten kilograms. His diet’s not going as well as it might.
I finally got round to updating the household’s entry on the electoral register; we’d only had two reminders.
There was a reminder from the R.N.I.B. that I’d kindly increased my monthly donation to them. (Had I?)
There was a nice newsletter from the Aspinall Foundation that went straight into the bin; but not before I’d taken out the free admission ticket. They send me one of those every quarter; I use maybe one in ten of them.
Vitality Life sent me an annual policy review statement. “Vitality Life” is a somewhat ironic name as they won’t actually stump up until I croak.
The car insurance people told me that the car insurance will continue. I’m glad about that because it actually continued a few weeks ago whilst I wasn’t looking. For the next year the policy is actually a little cheaper; only £1.50 a month cheaper, but every little helps.
Both of out geocaching accounts were up for renewal…. Together they cost fifty quid, but realistically that’s not bad. Each account renewal was only twenty five quid and I spend far more than that every time I go down the pub. Bearing in mind how much I go hunting tupperware the annual fee works out at about fifty pence per week.
And I updated the astro club’s accounts. For some reason the bank has now decided only to send statements once every four months.

After a hot cross bun for lunch we took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. He usually has a walk first thing in the morning; he'd not had one today and was becoming somewhat fractious. We went down to the Romney Marsh and had a minor geo-wander. If nothing else thise geo-lark shows us somewhere different to go for a walk.
It was a good geo-walk; if somewhat overgrown in places. I think I would have enjoyed it more were my arm not quite so painful. This tennis elbow is getting to be a serious nuisance. It was also a shame that "Furry Face TM" had to disgrace himslef by rolling in fox poo.

Once home I showered the fox poo from my dog, and after a rather good bit of scoff "er indoors TM" set off to the Saturday film night. I set about the ironing whilst getting three hours worth of drivel watched from the SkyPlus box. We've now got forty six percent of the disk space free on that SkyPlus box. Can't be bad...

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