17 September 2015 (Thursday) - Baby Jake

I had my cannelloni for tea last night whilst visiting the Folkestonians. It was really good: I'd recommend the stuff. I then went on to work where I did my night shift.
As I worked I listened to the radio; sometimes it is interesting; sometimes piss-boiling. Great fuss was made about the new Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn. Whether or not he's going to be an effective Leader of the Opposition remains to be seen. But yesterday he was filmed refusing to sing along with the National Anthem. He probably thought he was proving some political point but it blew up in his face; he's going to sing it in future.
He then flatly refused to say whether or not he would kneel to the Queen at meetings of the Privy Council; pretending he didn't know the format of the meetings. Even though it is common knowledge that he will be expected to kneel.
A few days ago I was singing the chap's praises; now as far as I'm concerned he's fallen at the first hurdle. After less than a week in the job he's come over as a bit of a twit. Can't we just write him off as a bad move and replace him now?

With my work done I went home via the nearby Sainsburys. Shortly after midnight a new geocache had gone live there. On the one hand a cheeky little FTF brightened up an otherwise dull day. On the other hand having been placed where it is, it has effectively stuffed up hours of work on the Wherigo on which I've been working for the last few days.
Oh well... I suppose I should have reserved the space. I shall just spend a couple of hours setting the thing up in Ashford instead. After all it's not as though the Canterbury masses are clamouring to do the Wherigo I put there a couple of weks ago.

Once home I changed my undercrackers. I'd managed for quite long enough in a pair in which the elastic had gone. I then took an impatient dog to Frog's Island and back again for today's walk. Unusually for us oour walk passed off without incident.
Once home, pausing only briefly to throw honey all over the kitchen floor, I had a spot of brekie then I then took myself off to bed for most of the day. I had a rather restless sleep, when the phone wasn't ringing and my dog wasn't barking, my sleep was filled with dreams (nightmares) of the BBC's children's show "Baby Jake".
"Baby Jake" is the youngest of a hippy commune which seems to be squatting in a rather un-natural windmill. My Grandson likes the program. With animation comparable to what Terry Gilliam did for Monty Python I thought it was frankly scary. "Nibbles" the rabbit looks like it is about to go for Baby Jake's throat, and the less said about the Hamsternauts the better.
According to Wikipedia the show cost nearly two million quid to produce. Two million quid? Surely it could be done cheaper?

I'm off to work for another night shift now. I might have a little geo-adventure on the way. I've seen there's another new geocache on the map *exactly* where I'd planned Thanington's Church Micro...

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