1 September 2015 (Tuesday) - Rolvenden

I got up this morning and saw my dog was still fast asleep. He didn't stir at all as I scoffed my toast. Mind you it was a different story when "er indoors TM" got up. He makes no secret as to who is his favourite.
Having got out of his pit he sensed that today wasn't a work day; it was to be a "Fudgey Adventure" and he immediately became very over-excited and wouldn't eat his breakfast. Silly pup.

The plan for today had been to go to Bethersden to start planning out a new geo-walk that I would be setting. But overnight a series of twenty seven geocaches had appeared in the Rolvenden area. I asked on-line to see if anyone fancied a walk. Gordon did, and we met up in Rolvenden and went for a little stroll. Clearly marked footpaths, straightforward geo-finds, we had a good walk. We saw steam trains and bee hives, "Furry Face TM" was allowed off the lead on several occassions and (in a novel break with tradition) he was as good as gold.
Those that had set the caches had given us instructions to fetch one cache home; they'd actually put out twenty-eight caches but one was too close to an exisiting puzzle cache. We found the pot we were to retrieve. It was less than an arm's length from the puzzle cache which was not in any way disguised and was out in the open in full view. How did they miss that?

As the series had only gone out last night we wondered if we might get a First to Find or two... we got one. As we approached hide #14 (which we knew was still waiting to be found for the first time) we saw a familiar young mother with her brood. I jokingly loudly announced "I know what you are looking for" to which the children both denied looking for anything. Mother told the children that all was well, that dog was Fudge, and the children then told us where they'd already searched. No one recognises me; everyone recognises my dog...
With a little effort we got a joint First to Find here. Happy dance. But Mum and littluns had already taken the only other FTF that was still waiting.
The first cache on the series was First to Finded at quarter to eleven last night by an intrepid team who then did the walk in the dark. Missing only two of the caches they logged the last one five hours later shortly before 4am. I know I like chasing the First to Find, but I must admit that with the recent rain the paths were slippery enough in broad daylight today. Personally I'm not a fan of night caching.

With only a few hundred yards to go to the end of the walk the heavens opened. I had planned to stop off in Bethersden to start planning my new walk, but with the heavy rain we said our goodbyes and went home. With one bonus cache on the route (hidden by a "gary tardis"!) we'd amassed twenty-eight geo-finds over a four-hour (and six miles) walk. I might pop out to Bethersden tomorrow morning for a walk. We shall see...

Once home "Furry Face TM" had a bath. For all that he'd been good, he had been spuddling in stagnant water and he was somewhat "fragrant". And with him bathed I had a shower myself before popping to the KFC for a spot of lunch.

With a snoring dog on my lap I scoffed my KFC whilst watching last night's episode of "Dark Matter". With only one more episode to go the series is now getting rather good. Will Wheaton (of Star Trek fame) has now appeared as the evil arch-baddie. He's quite good as an evil arch-baddie.
As I watched telly "Daddies Little Angel TM" phoned; she was about as over-excited as my dog had been when he realised today was a "Fudgey Adventure". Good news... she's been accepted onto the waiting list for a council house in Ashford. It sounds a trivial matter; it's not. Getting onto that list takes some doing.
Being Tues the clans gathered. In Folkestone tonight where we used ChromeCast technology to watch the live video feed from the International Space Station.
We saw UFOs as well...

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