30 September 2015 (Wednesday) - Skint

A rather vivid nightmare woke me shortly after 3am. I didn't really get back to sleep after that, and was up watching "Toddlers and Tiaras" rather earlier than I would have liked. In this mornning's episode the children were all sporting false teeth and wigs, and the winner announced she was going to spend the prize money on turtles.
"Furry Face TM" got up to scrounge toast and have a little combing but he soon took himself back to bed.
As the toddlers did their things on the telly I had a look-see on the Internet. A chap with whom I once worked was jetting off across the world on business. For a minute or two I was just a little jealous; I spent two years trying to get into sales. I'd be far better at selling stuff than this bloke.
But then I wondered if I would actually like that sort of a life style. For all that jetting aabout on business might sound glamourous I have (in a previous life) been very lonely in hotel rooms in Milan and Paris and Brussels whilst away on business. My job quite suits me at the moment.

And talking of my job, I'd had a week off. It was time to go back to work. As I got the car going a warning light came up. A service is due. As I mentioned yesterday what with "er indoors TM" having had five hundred quid for new brakes and my having splashed out over two hundred quid on new specs I was rather looking to make some economies this month. Oh well...

As I drove to work the pundits were discussing the antics of the new leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn. For all that the media paint him as a twit there is no denying he won the leadership election by a landslide. Mind you if he is half the idiot the media would have us beleive, I can't help but wonder if tens of thousands of Tory voters really did join the Labour party to nobble the leadership election and leave them effectively unelectable.
Someone else who came over equally idiotic was the woman wittering platitudes on the radio's "Thought for the Day". She started off commenting about how NASA has found water on Mars (they actually have). From here it was only a short leap to the fictional TV series "Life on Mars" featuring John Simm. And from there she said that because Lewis Carroll claimed it was patently obvious that God exists there could be no denying that God does exist (thank you, and goodnight).
I love listening carefully to sermons and religious waffle. The speakers are so used to no one actually paying any attention that they never feel any need to present any attempt at a reasoned argument and trot out any half-baked nonsense that takes their fancy.

I got to work where we had something of a cake-themed day. And then I came home. Parking was somewhat tight; I finally found somewhere to park three streets away.
"Furry Face TM" was pleased to see me; we went for our walk which passed off uneventfully. And then it was time for the semi-final of "Bake-Off"...

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