15 September 2015 (Tuesday) - This n That

Over the last two weeks I've spent quite a lot of time (and money) working on a new series of geocaches which will lead people on a walk around Bethersden. With everything finally organised the plan was to actually hide the sandwich boxes today. But the weather forecast wasn't good, and I woke at 6am to the sound of torrential rain. For all that my walk is a pleasant one, there is one stretch where (for several hundred yards) one has a choice of walking on a ploughed field or in grass higher than my dog is tall. Either way, after last night's rain neither would be fun. And there are quite a few other places where we'd get wet and mucky. And the stiles would be slippery. The geo-feds have told me that I have first dibs on my chosen locations for three months so I decided to conceal tupperware another time, rolled over and went back to sleep.
I finally emerged from my pit shortly after 8.15am when my back hurt too much to lie in bed any more. It is a long time siince I've lain in bed long enough to get backache.

Ove brekkie I checked out cyber-space. On the last two days I've had something of a retrospective. Today "er indoors TM" was having one. Three years ago we went to Deal and did a wonderul GPS adventure game based on "Dungeons and Dragons". There were some photos of the day; didn't I look thin!
Dungeons and Dragons - a knight's quest. I could make a Wherigo based on that.
I also reflected on other old times; "er indoors TM" had found photos of our old house. The place was changed somewhat in the twenty four years since we moved out. It has been bought by a property developer and is now up for rent. Over seven hundred quid per month for a two-bed terraced house !!!

As I scoffed my toast "Furry Face TM" jumped up, wiggled himself into place next to me and went to sleep. I then didn't really dare move; not wanting to disturb him until he woke up. It was as well that he slept. If awake he's only have been whinging to go for our morning walk. I'd planned a walk but didn't want to do it until the rain stopped.

Eventually the rain did abate, and we went for a little walk. We set off along the back roads heading south where we spent five minutes standing by a dog poo bin watching a juggernaut getting itself wedged morwe and more into a narrow cul-de-sac. As we watched so an old woman brought her dog to the poo bin to have its dump. I pointed out that the poo was supposed to go in the bin, not just in its general vicinity but the old woman pretended to be deaf.
We carried on through Park Farm and home through Willesborough Dykes where the footpaths were covered in earthworms being eaten by slugs. I never knew slugs ate earthworms.
Having stopped off at Pets at Home (someone got a bone for being good) we came home.

I'd chosen not to go round the countryside today because it would be too wet. Today's walk was all on tarmac paths but even so "Furry Face TM" still came home wet and filthy. He had a quick hose-off and then he set about his bone as I had lunch whist watching theis week's episode of "The Last Ship".
Much as I quite like the show it has occurred to me that the baddies could comprehensively stuff our heroes by stopping doing all their baddying on the coast and by moving inland.

I then started making a Wherigo based on Dungeons and Dragons. After four hours of effort I had two minutes of game play programmed, and then the clans gathered in Somerset Road. Nooo-gar (not nougat) was scoffed and we watched the exploits of Captain Kirk; ably assisted by Mr Leslie. Mr Leslie is a much under-rated Star Trekker.

And once home we caught up on the episode of Bake Off from two weeks ago.

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