23 September 2015 (Wednesday) - Off to Norfolk

Yesterday I had a whinge about why Addenbrookes hospital was in special measures. Here's another reason.; the wanton profiteering of the drugs companies. One such comapy has put of the cost of one of its products from $13.50 to $750 for no other reason than that they could.
Perhaps NHS pharmacies might start making their own drugs and cutting out the commercial compaines altogether?
In the last day or so I also whinged at the amount of accusations of child abuse being made against children which later prove to be unfounded. Today over brekkie I was reading that eighty per cent of the prosecutions brought by the RSPCA fail to end in a conviction. There is talk of removing the RSPCA's right to prosecute as they too clearly seem to delight in making baseless allegations.
And just as I was launching into serious rant mode I had a message; my lego Advent calendar will be delivered next week. That left me in a better frame of mind to start on the morning's chores.

A bit of cleaning, a bit of laundry, a few deliveries and a tip run, then I took "Furry Face TM" for a short walk. We passed the vets, and as we often do we popped in and sat in the waiting room for a few minutes. Bearing in mind how terrified he was in the place only two days ago it was amazing how he didn't bat an eyelid as we went in today. Where I usually battle to get him (and keep him) on the scales he jumped on of his own accord and sat quietly.
We walked round past the Riverside Inn. The field there has a transient horse population. Some days there are no horses at all. Last week I counted six. Today there were over a dozen horses there. Where do they come from? Where do they go?

Once home I packed my bits and pieces and waited for "er indoors TM" to return. Once she was home we loaded the car and set off on our adventure.
In planning our route to holiday-land I'd seen there was a virtual geocache only a couple of miles away from where we were driving, so (after a hundred miles) as we came into Cambridgeshire we turned off. We needed to stretch our legs a little, and a little walk up to a trig point seemed like a good idea.
The description for the virtual cache said there would be sheep in the field. There were Highland cattle. With great big horns. But they seemed friendly enough and didn't bother me as I crossed their field to do the secret virtual-geo-ritual.
To be honest virtual geocaches are so obscure I wouldn't turn down the chance to get one; after all I expect I can run faster than a cattle.

Back to the car, and after another sixty miles we were skirting Norwich and in the village of Postwick which is pronounced (by some) as "Possick". We found the B&B... eventually. The post code took us half way along a country lane. The instructions were to keep going until the lane became a dirt track then follow the dirt track. About a mile past the point at which I decided that we must have made a mistake we found our temporary home.
It's a really lovely cottage miles from anywhere. We settled in, and the landlord told us of a rather good pub not ten minutes up the road. We soon found The Yare in Brundall, and before we went in we went to hunt down a geocache which the app said was only a hundred yards away. We soon had it. And (would you beleive?) having driven a hundred and sixty miles, the last person to find it was a fellow regular at the Kent cachers' meetings.

Dinner was excellent; as was the two pints of ale that washed it down. We had a minor hiccup in finding our way back to base, but that's one of the problems of being based in the back of beyond.
But we soon pulled up. A quick shower, and now we're slobbing about in a rather luxurious lounge. I shall make myself a coffee in a minute...

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