18 September 2015 (Friday) - Bit Tired

Last night as I worked I listened to the radio as usual. Said radio served up its usual blend of interest and drivel.
I couldn't beleive a year has passed since the Scots voted to remain part of the United Kingdom. But despite an overwhelming vote to stay, the Scottish Nationalists are still agitating for another referendum.
Don't they realise that they had their choice and was told to get knotted?
And our old friend science has detemined that the most painful place in which a bee might sting you is the nostril and went on to discover that all large mammals pee for the same length of time. Apparently all large mammals empty their bladders in twenty one seconds.
You would think science might have better things to do with its time. Unless it likes that sort of thing.

Having done my bit I was immediately seconded to chauffeur "er indoors TM" from the garrage to her work. She's having her brakes seen to. Apparently this is going to cost me six hundred quid.
So much for what I was going to spend it on...

Wiith chauffeuring done I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. Bearing in mind the conclusions reached by our old friend science I watched my dog like a hawk. He'd not been out for a tiddle yet this morning so I was able to conduct a scientific experiment. I concluded that either my dog doesn't count as a large mammal, or science is talking rubbish. Squeezing out one drop of tiddle every ten yards my Patagonian Tripe-Hound still had plenty in his bladder after an hour.
We walked via the vets where I made an appointment for his booster shot for Monday morning. Today he walkled in there without a care in the world. On Monday I will need to use all my might to drag him in there. How does he know?

We came home, I went to bed. I lost count of the times "Furry Face TM" declared "Red Alert" and was barking at absolutely nothing at all. After a couple of hours "er indoors TM" asked when I would be waking up as her car was ready to be collected. So I fetched her and took her to the garage.
By one of life's myriad coincidences the garage was next to McDonalds so we had lunch together.

I came home, and didn't really feel like doing anything particularly active. For a moment I felt rather guilty and looked at thee bright sunshine outside and looked at my dog. Then in the space of about ten seconds the sky went black, the rain was torrential and the thunder started. So instead I spent a little time working on my latest Wherigo.
Six hours later I'd created about ten minutes more game play, and "er indoors TM" came home. A bit of tea, then catching up with episodes of Bake Off...

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