6 September 2015 (Sunday) - Biggin Hill

After a really good night's sleep I woke up to have my piss seriously boiled by the Ashford Herald. Apparently my street is the most violent street in Ashoford. The half-wits at the Ashford Herald have worked this out from the amount of times the police are called to a street.
The police have been called to Beaver Road twenty three times so far this year. Is that a lot? I don't know. But look at the street which is in position fourteen. Only four call outs but it only has a tenth of the amount of houses that are in Beaver Road. That makes this street proportionately twice as bad as my street. Does it really take a genius to work out that the more houses there are in a street then the more of anything will happen.
Also our road is *the* way home from all of the nightclubs to the "delightful suburbs" where the council put the "more challenging elements". (Or as my daughter in law so succintly puts it "it's the main route for piss heads".)
I have formally logged a complaint with the Ashford Herald. I bet they don't do anything about it.

On the plus side "er indoors TM" discovered a Christmas cake at the back of the cupboard. It went out of date in May, but I shall still scoff it.

Bearing in mind how much I whinged about my gammy elbow yesterday "er indoors TM" ordered me to take some Ibuprofen. Whenever I hear of Ibuprofen I'm always reminded of my old mucker Dave "Rabbit" Morley who died seven years ago. He considered himself an expert on the drug because his wife worked where they were made, but he couldn't pronounce the word Ibuprofen. He called it "Ibuferen".
I never saw him that often, but I miss Dave...

We got our gear together, rallied the troops, and set off to Biggin Hill. We'd originally planned to walk around the area last week on the Bank Holiday, but rain stopped play. A lot of people were off at geo-camp this weekend, but there were still quite a few of us raring to go for today. Ten of us and two small dogs met up just outside Biggin Hill and we walked about ten miles. We'd walked this route before; but the geocaches which had been there in the past have been replaced with new ones which gave us a reason to go back.
We quite liked today's walk; starting from a pub the walk was in two loops so we had the chance of a beer at half time as well as at the end. Beautiful scenery, excellent company; as we walked we saw horses, sheep, pigs, turkeys. There was an entertaining five minutes when "Furry Face TM" saw a squirrel and set off in hot pursuit. Little Charlotte clung to his lead and managed to restrain him, but it was a close-run thing.

Mind you if anyone is considering a walk round Biggin Hill I feel I should specifically mention the horses. When I first walked this geo-route I was kicked by a horse. Today one of us was nearly pushed over by a horse, one of us actually was. One of us was nearly bitten by a horse and one of us actually was. (Me)
Biggin Hill horses are evil animals.
We set out in search of about forty target geocaches. We found the lot. I must say that was quite an acheivement. Some of them were quite tricky hides, two involved arboreal antics, and in several cases the GPS co-ordinates (according to "Hannah") were out by several yards.

But iffy co-ords and teeth-happy horses notwithstanding, having started walking at 10.30am we were in the beer garden having a de-briefing pint of Jail Ale seven hours later.

I'd taken a few photos whilst we were out. Once home I put those on-line, did the secret geo-rituals on the laptop and over a rather good bit of curry watched last night's repeat of Dad's Army. After all these years they still don't like it up 'em.
As my dog snored I then checked emails. Earlier in the week I'd taken my dog for a walk round Bethersden with a view to hiding nearly forty geocaches in the area. The geo-feds had emailed me back to say all was well with my provisional route. The first stage of my plan is now complete. Stage two goes into action tomorrow. In the most part it involves visiting the cheapo-bargain shop on the way to work to see how many sandwich boxes they have at rock-bottom prices. I'm hoping they have several. At least thirty would be good.
I must remember to pop in to that shop...

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