4 September 2015 (Friday) - Works Outing

After another busy night shift I set off to Folkestone. Littlun had a hospital appointment today and I was under orders to transport him (and hangers-on) to Ashford. I'm not quite sure what happened; I found myself in Dover. I must have missed. To save time I decided to take the short cut that I knew, and found myself on an industrial estate I've never seen before.
Fortunately sat-nav saved the day.

I eventually collected my crew and cargo and brought them all home. With a little time to spare we went for a walk round Bowens Field and the park. "Furry Face TM" started off in something of a shouty mood; I think that seeing everyone had rather over excited him. And then the over-excitement gave way to a more "frisky" mind-set in which he started humping every other dog he saw. I wish he wouldn't do that. He's been "done"; that was the only condition I set before we took him on.
As we walked we met our friend Ralph (a little black pug) who had a fight with Sid. Dogs do that. When dogs meet they either fight, sniff each others bums, or hump each other. It is what they do. If more dog owners could accept this, the world would be a better place.

We came home and found littlun's GodMother waiting for us. A quick cuppa than she took littlun (and hangers-on) to the hospital appointment whilst I went to bed for a while. I slept like a log until they all came home "quietly" five hours later. I got up, left them to it and took the train to Canterbury. I was a little early getting to Canterbury so I spent an hour geocaching.

There is one particular cache in Canterbury which had become something of a nemesis for me. You start off with a little walk througgh the park collecting clues which then lead you to a thicket of stinging nettles. I first visited this thicket of stinging nettles in February of last year and have been back at irregular intervals ever since. I failed to find the thing so many times...
Today was my lucky day; I found three caches (three!) where this one was supposed to be. I particularly wanted to find this one as on the thing was written one half of the co-ordinates of a nearby puzzle cache. (I'd got the other half of these co ordinates from a nearby simular cache about eighteen months ago). And so armed with bonus co ords I set off to a park in central Canterbury to find my geo-target.
There was a minor hiccup when I got to this park; the hippies were staging a hippy-festival. But I eluded them and found what i was looking for. Happy dance.

I was actually in Canterbury for a works booze-up, and so made my way to where we were supposed to be meeting. I was at the Dolphin half an hour before anyone else arrived. I got myself a pint and sat in the garden reading my Kindle app.
I would have sat indoors but the drunken yobs were a bit loud. Probably harmless; but rather loud.
Eventually everyone gathered; beer flowed, and we went off to Parrots for a rather good meal. Can't really remember much of what happened. I think we had a good time. I have a vague recollection of Shepherd Neame stout being drunk (or was that me)...

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