13 September 2015 (Sunday) - A Day in Bed

Last night I had the radio on during the night shift. There was a lot of talk about the new leader of the Labour party.
No one had a good word to say for Jeremy Corbyn. He seems to be universally despised because (in a novel break with tradition) he seems to believe in what the Labour party was traditionally all about.
When I was a lad politics was rather cut and dried. Leaving aside their ability to actually acheive anything, there used to be a choice in the basic philosphy offered by the two main political parties.
On the one hand you had naked greed and on the other hand you had standing up for the underdog. However when I was a teenager Margaret Thatcher came to power. Her major achievement was to show the underdogs that naked greed was for everyone; not just for the elite.
Unfortunately at the time the Labour party was run by a bunch of half wits, nutters and cranks, and it took seventeen years of Tory rule for the Labour party to finally get rid of their tree-hugging politically correct nonsense. Unfortunately in doing so they also abandoned all policies of social decency and just pretended to be the same as the Conservatives.
And now after years of copying the Conservative party, the Labour party has finally elected a leader who seems to hark back to the ideals on which the Labour party was founded. I'm desperately hoping he's not also harking back to the tree-hugging politically correct nonsense as well.
Time will tell. It always does.

As I left work to come home this morning so the sky was a glorious pink-red colour. Usually that colour in the morning is a herald of bad weather coming later in the day. There's no denying I would rather a wet Sunday be today when I'm on nights rather than when I'm planning on doing things.

I had a bite of brekkie and had a look-see on-line. I then spend half an hour putting right the mileage on my trackable (it's a geo-thing). It had been stuffed up by a scout group from Essex. I'd like to think it wasn't deliberately malicious, but it was the sort of stuff up that would take a lot of doing.

"er indoors TM" took "Furry Face TM" for a traditional Sunday walk, and I took myself off to bed where I slept until late afternoon. They still weren't home when I got up; I'm used to "er indoors TM" never being home. But the house seems empty without "Furry Face TM".
I had more toast, then checked emails. I had a DNF reported (it's a geo-thing) so I shall check that out on my way to work. I'm off there now.

And in closing today - consider the date. When I was a lad there was a rather good sci-fi show (that didn't stand the test of time) called Space 1999. The show was futuristic; the action was centred on a base on the Moon, the Moon having been blasted out of Eath's orbit by a massive nuclear explosion. The date of that explosion: September 13th 1999. When I was a lad that seemed so far into the future. Today that date was sixteen years ago....

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