24 September 2015 (Thursday) - Great Yarmouth (and elsewhere)

Being in a different bed, I didn't sleep that well. I saw every hour of the night. I was just about to give up with sleeping and go have my morning ablutions when I heard another resident of our guest house go into the bathroom. He (she or it) was in there for half an hour. What were they doing? When they finally finished I went in and was done in five minutes.
Brekkie was very good; marred only by having to make polite conversation with the other people who were staying in the place. As we scoffed we commented on the rain. The weather forecast said it would be finished soon.

With brekkie scoffed the rain showed no signs of abating. So with complete confidence in the BBC's weather forecast we set off on our planned mission for the day. We started off with a little geo-nonsense. The UK's most easterly geocache is in Lowestoft. It would be daft not to get this one as it was (relatively) so close. It only took half an hour or so to get to Lowestoft where (despite the rain) we got not only the most easterly cache but also the most easterly multi-cache and the most easterly church micro too.

As the weather cheered up we then combined geo-nonsense and playing tourist by visiting Burgh castle where we did a Wherigo. Burgh castle was an odd place; little more than a wall in a field. I felt sorry for the passing normal people who were obviously trying to hang round us as our Wherigo cartridge was giving us far more touristy information than the normal people were otherwise able to glean.

From Burgh castle we went into Great Yarmouth to visit the Sea Life centre. It was excellent. All sorts of sea-going beasts were on display. I was in raptures over a crocodile and "er indoors TM" got bitten of off a shrimp. But the highlight of the place had to be the penguins. We watched their antics for ages. Did you know that they bray like donkeys?
After an age we moved on. We wandered up and down the prom but (to be honest) I was a little disappointed with Great Yarmouth. I was born and bred in a seaside tourist town, and the only difference between any of them is the name on the rubbish that is sold to the tourists. Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying Great Yarmouth is bad. Far from it. But I was expecting something different and it is (in essence) just like Weymouth, Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings, Folkestone and all the rest.
Mind you I was disappointed with Amazonia. I'd been looking forward to seeing the reptiles; the place had clearly been shut down for months.

With a little time on our hands we then drove up the coast to Kelling for a walk. And on the way home we were getting a tad peckish so we thought that we'd take pot luck and find a pub at random for dinner. As luck would have it we found the Brickmaker's in Horsford. We were fortunate; Thursday night is steak night. It took two pints of their (rather good) ale to wash down the plate of steak and chips.
If any of my loyal readers are ever north of Norwich I can thoroughly recommend this place.

We got back to the guest house shortly after 8.30pm to find we were seemingly "home alone" so we slobbed about in the sitting room. I took loads of photos whilst we were out; I eventually got them on-line. If I have anything bad to say about this guest house, it is that the wi-fi is a bit iffy...

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