9 February 2014 (Sunday) - Peasmarsh and Beckley

We were wondering if we should postpone today's planned walk as "Gordon Tracy" had been suffering with intestinal difficulties. But he sent a message saying that he'd dosed himself up with immodium, and that after the judicious application of a cork he was raring to go. Go walking that was. He'd done enough of the other sort of "going" over the last few days.

Three of us set off to Peasmarsh to the "Walk Ramble and Roam" series of geocaches. Whilst we walked this circuit we picked up three other nearby caches as well. All were relatively straight-forward finds. All except one of them which eluded us. Bearing in mind how quickly we found all the other caches here, I suspect the one we couldn't find has gone missing, but as always I wouldn't like to commit myself to saying so.
It was at this cache that we couldn't find that "Furry Face TM" 's lead broke. Fortunately I had a length of rope in my pocket, and I've been wanting to get him a better extending lead anyway.

After an hour or so we were back at the car, and we then moved on to Beckley Woods. After a picnic lunch eaten in the car we then did a little more caching. This was trickier. With one exception the afternoon's sport was multi-and puzzle caches. All had beem put out as stand-alone caches so it took a little thinking to come up with a workable route to get them all. However Neon Geo was (as ever) up to the challenge.
We found all but one of these caches. Whereas I am relatively confident that the morning's DNF is really not there, this afternoon's has me thinking. The tree cover was not helping a GPS fix; and there were lots of potential hides. We may well go back for this cache at some point; I shall keep my eye on it and see if anyone else gets lucky in the meantime.

We came home via a couple of roadside caches in Udimore, including one in a phone box the door of which was stuck. As always there are one or two photos of our walk here.

Once home I hised the mud off of my dog. And then off of myself. With er indoors TM" off out for the evening I settled my dog into his basket, and as he snored I caught up with all sorts of stuff I'd recorded onto the Sky Plus box. Surprisingly I didn't sleep through quite as much of it as much as I thought I would have done...

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