5 February 2014 (Wednesday) - Films

Another good night's sleep; and my dog licked me awake shortly after 6am. Normally he's rather tired at tha sort of time. Did he know I was working today?
Over brekkie I watched Family Guy and played "fetch" with "Furry Face TM". I say "fetch" - it is his variation on the game where I throw a rubber ball for him. He fetches it back and chews it at me. He'll let it go for a second and snatch it back when I try to grab the thing. Hardly the traditional version of the game, but it keeps us both amused.

My missing trousers have appeared. er indoors TM" had made off with them. Heaven only knows what she was going to do with them. Camp out in them maybe?
To work; maybe a little later than usual when on the late shift. As I drove there was talk on the radio about today seeing the release of the re-make of the classic film "Robocop". The pundits were asking why yet another re-make. Are there no new stories to be told? The Hollywood mogul being interviewed pointed out that the public likes re-makes. He then qualified his statement somewhat. A re-make is something of a known quantity to the public. Those who liked the original Robocop will be more likely to pay money to see the new version than to pay money to see any other random film that might be released. The re-made film might be awful; the public might hate it. But re-makes are moneyspinners; far more so than new stories are, and that is what counts.

There was then an interview with a designer of roller-coasters. Apparently in the halcyon days of yore roller-coasters were designed to give thrills. They were to be scary; to provide an adrenaline rush. Nowadays a roller-coaster won't even get off of the drawing board unless it is somehow associated with a big Hollywood film.
Funny old world!

And so to work where I did my bit. And with bit done I came home through a very wet and windy night to find a rather good curry for tea. I would have gone to the geocachers meet if I'd been home earlier.
And in closing today have you seen my Facebook Film? I quite like it. Mind you Facebook films does seem to be the latest thing for everyone to whinge about...

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