12 February 2014 (Wednesday) - On The Radio

My dog has got used to my not having had an early start for a while, and he didn't stir whilst I was brekkie-ing at 5.30am.
After a little break today saw me back on the road to work. Now it's not quite so dark the cyclists cannot be quite so invisible. Instead they now pretend to be cars; driving up the middle of the road holding up the traffic as they go.

I've missed listening to the radio in the mornings. Probably for the best as far as my blood pressure is concerned. The talk was mostly of floods; for all that the good people of Somerset have been suffering for weeks, now that the Thames has flooded in the Home Counties it looks like the government might actually do something about the problem.

There was also some mention of the debacle that is the proposed bedroom tax; people on housing benefits will face cuts to those benefits if they have unused bedrooms. The theory is that if someone lives on their own in a three bedroom house they would be better off in a one bedroomed house and then a larger family might use the house.
In theory it's a good idea. In practice it turns out that there are nowhere near enough one-and two-bedroomed houses for all the people blocking the three bedroomed houses. And even if there were, there doesn't seem to be quite the demand for these houses with more bedrooms that was first suggested there might be.
One has to admire the genius behind this scheme.

And so to work where I did my bit. And with my bit done I came home through a very wet and windy evening
The evening's radio featured a discussion about the morality of the health choices of the modern llifestyle. Should those who drink and smoke to excess have their self inflicted medical treatments subsidised by those of us who lead a more healthy lifestyle?
Obviously the answer is "yes".
Interestingly a prominenent Conservative politician thought the whole discussion was moot as he paid his own heathcare costs (because he could afford private healthcare) and he asked (several times) why he should be expected to contribute to the healthcare of anyone else. The implication being that non multi-millionaires should p*ss off and die.
And people wonder why I consider conservativism to be fundamentally evil...

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