20 February 2014 (Thursday) - Lasagne

I woke at 4.30am this morning, and lay there trying to get back to sleep. With nothing on the agenda until after a delivery arrived (due from 11am to 1pm) I lay in bed and wasted precious time. I get so angry. I wasted all of yesterday afternoon fast asleep in front of the telly; there are albums of photos of me fast asleep when I could and should be doing stuff.
And when the rest of the world is fast asleep I am wide awake.

I looked through this blog; it’s been three months since I went to the doctor. I had a look on-line to find out how long I should expect to wait to hear from the clinic; the maximum wait I should expect is eighteen weeks; I’ve only been waiting for twelve. Nevertheless I phoned the surgery to see what was going on. I got the distinct impression that it is their policy not to chase up referrals like mine; presumably most people just get better regardless (or die).
They said they would phone me back.

‘er indoors TM  was off work today; my idea was to go do something. She agreed; the something to be done was her hair. So whilst she went for a short back and slap I mooched round some on-line forums. Several years ago on-line forums and newsgroups played a large part of my life. Through them I got in contact with some very dear friends; but I don’t have anywhere near as much involvement with these things anymore; they just make my piss boil so much.
I see that nothing has changed with on-line discussion. Keyboard warriors complain bitterly about trivial faults in others which are far worse in themselves, and then lambast others for doing what they themselves have been doing for years.
After ten minutes I could feel the urine beginning to simmer, so I went and played Jelly Splash and Worms until the delivery arrived at five minutes to one.

With ‘er indoors TM having only taken four hours for a haircut we took “Furry Face TMround the park for a walk, then drove out to Pluckley for some geocache maintenance. Most of my caches are on regular dog walks or on the way to work. The Pluckley ones are a little off of my beaten track; but three of them needed maintenance. Or so I was told. I must admit that I was rather miffed to find two false alarms. But they are all good to go now until something else goes wrong with them.

And in the evening we drove down to Cheriton where we had a rather good dinner with Jose and Maria. And having scoffed myself silly we watched a film: “Gravity” was quite watchable; as is anything with Sandra Bullock (woof!). The film might have been better had the makers consulted a physicist about how gravity works; or even better about how things work in the absence of gravity, but you can’t have everything. Reality makes dull entertainment…

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