25 February 2014 (Tuesday) - Scandal, Swords...

After nearly two weeks holiday I had to be up early for work today. Yesterday's walk had taken its toll on "Furry Face TM" who had spent all of yesterday evening asleep and he still looked shattered this morning; too shattered to even eat my toast.
Mind you when I brandished the comb he did struggle onto my lap to be combed; he likes that.

Yesterday I went caching; I only found about two thirds of the caches and didn't think I'd found enough clues to go for the bonus cache. But a quick look at the clues I had found together with a little judicious brainwork and perusing maps came up trumps. I had a possible location which was only a mile or two out of my way on my drive to work.
So I set off a little early, and shortly after 6.30am I was doing the happy dance in some mud; another first to find.

As I carried of driving to work I listened to the radio which was full of nasty allegations about the politician Harriet Harman.
Apparently many years ago there were vague and tenuous links between various bodies with which she was associated and paedophile rings. And consequently the media is now digging the dirt. Whilst obviously children need protection, this media-driven furore is now way out of control. Does the fact that a child is in a swimming costume make any adult in the vicinity a paedophile? Apparently so in the view of the popular press.
As a scout leader I often took the cubs swimming. In retrospect I am sorry that I gave up my time to help, and the Daily Mail can rest assured that because of their predilection for spreading suspicion I will not be so public spirited again.

And while I'm ranting about the media I couldn't believe what I read today. Disgraced ex-editor of the News of the World has said in court that at the time of all the phone hacking scandals she didn't realise that hacking into someone's private conversations or voicemail was illegal. How can anyone be so amoral that they need to be told precisely how privacy is to be respected?

Mind you all wasn't doom and gloom in the news. Our old friend science has found out (through the wonders of electroencephalography and the expenditure of several thousand quid) that dogs understand what humans do and say.
It's amazing that in this new world order of austerity science has money to throw away; has he never held up a lead to a dog, said the word "walkies" and seen the reaction?

I did my bit at a very busy day at work, and came home via the weekly gathering. Today we were at Arden Drive for more "Merlin". It's watchable, but the story has a lot of holes. Why is Arthur the only one who takes his dogsbody in to battle every time he has a battle. I can think of no other reason that that the star of the show has to be in the thick of the action. Which isn't really a reason which lends credulity to the show. Mind you the advent of a rather fit sword wielding chesty boiler (to coin a phrase) has inproved the show no end.

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