11 February 2014 (Tuesday) - Housework

As I ironed last night I watched something on BBC2 about plans for a manned mission to Mars. Fuelled with enthusiasm I then watched my DVD of the BBC’s Voyage to the Planets. It was nearly 1am before I got to bed. I slept round till 7.30am when I was licked awake (by my dog). Brekkie, and then we went for our walk. The weather forecast was predicting heavy rain all day, so I thought we’d best get the ordeal over and done with. But I could see that “Furry Face TM “ was not enjoying it. Usually our morning walks are over two hours; today we were back home after fifteen minutes.

I spent the morning tidying up, clearing tables and hoovering. I then went through my letter rack. Oh the stuff I found. Washing machine service plans that expired a year ago. A free admission to Howletts Zoo that expires on Sunday (if anyone wants it…) An offer to guarantee the financial security of my pre-school children (!) from Legal and General. My mortgage statement. If only I had a spare ten thousand pounds… A 16Gb micro SD card (what do I want with that?) Money off vouchers from Pets at Home (could have used those yesterday). Car insurance documents from last September. Polling cards from May 2010. The instructions to the Kindle I broke nearly two years ago. My eye test prescription from three years ago. Five bison-type geocache containers. A ticket for a free ride on the London Eye which expired last Christmas. And a voucher for free fish and chips from Marinos in Rye which I’m hoping is still in date.

I then shredded some old bank statements and payslips from years gone by until the shredder got too hot. This is a job I should do far more regularly. And with lunch scoffed I cleaned and scrubbed in the kitchen and bathroom.
Several hours’ effort and it looks just the same as when I started.

I mucked about with Candy Crush Saga for a bit, then I read about a rather good geo-walk round a park near Dartford. I started solving geo-puzzles in readiness. There were three puzzles that needed solving. One was rather tricky. One was very tricky. And the last one still has me foxed. If any of my loyal readers know of how I might turn the date 7 March 1991 into the number twenty two (twenty one or twenty three might do) I’d be grateful. I suspect it might possibly involve Linux, but I’m not entirely sure.

Being Tuesday the clans gathered. It was as well I’d had something of a tidy-up. Merlin looked on whilst Lancelot bit the business with Guinevere. The beast!
Whilst businesses were done  “Furry Face TM “ charged round for ten minutes, then had a soppy five minutes. I wish he would have soppy episodes in public more often. Everyone sees a hyperactive whirlwind; it’s very rare that anyone sees him when he’s quiet.

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