19 February 2014 (Wednesday) - Swans

I slept reasonably well, and after brekkie was raring to go. The original plan for the day was a trip to Saltwood to pick up those puzzle caches I’d solved yesterday. But with my henchman (henchgirl?) feeling unwell I didn’t fancy going alone.
Instead I went out with “Furry Face TM  . As we walked through the park I could see a woman walking towards us. I heard her before I saw her; she was bellowing into her phone. When she was only a few yards away she threw the phone into the distance and then loudly announced “It’s official – God hates me!” She then proceeded to give me a blow by blow account of her sorrows and woes.
I’ve had a few of those myself lately, and so could sympathise with her frustrations, but ranting at innocent bystanders in the park isn’t going to solve her problems. I made my excuses and left her haranguing an indifferent universe whilst I went round to bother Cheryl and Lacey

Lacey is on half term holiday this week, and we took some bread round to the lake to feed to the ducks. Lacey was keen to geocache (good girl!) so we did a couple. Whilst at the lake Fudge and a swan started shouting at each other. Cheryl had to intervene quickly as Lacey was about to lob a rock at the swan for daring to disrespect her dog-brother (as she calls Fudge).

Whilst we were out Cheryl told me a rather sad tale of our time. The other day whilst she was out driving a chap flew round a corner far too fast and crashed into her car. This fellow pulled out a phone, gabbled into it, and within ten minutes there were a dozen of his fellow countrymen (something eastern European) all round Cheryl’s car pointing at her and shouting. She was terrified, and so phoned the police. She explained what was going on and they didn’t want to know.
Let’s be clear on this - a young woman on her own was being threatened and intimidated by a dozen foreign men and the police flatly refused to attend.
So much for the concept of the police force - time to have a different way of maintaining public safety perhaps?

The afternoon was something of a let-down. Over a spot of lunch I watched a documentary about the making of Star Trek. I say “watched” – I scoffed lunch whist watching the show, and woke up at 5pm.
Which reminds me – I need to chase that sleep clinic…

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